This page will discuss a concept called Social Physics by John Henry Clippinger. I think the name Social Physics is misleading so I named the page SocialPeerToPeerNetwork.

Basically, a SocialPeerToPeerNetwork is a peer-to-peer network which is inspired by the ways that social animals network. A low layer of the network would consist of protocols for defining and enforcing subnetworks governed by "social protocols". The next higher layer is governed by these social protocols.

Social protocols are analogous to the social norms enforced by groups on their members. A social protocol might specify the rules under which members "interact, share information, rate one another’s performance, assign and revoke decision rights and privileges, and secure privacy and identity". "The premise is that social control is not simply the consequence of brute force and coercion, but rather that people have evolved elaborate forms of self-organizing social control through innate "social emotions" such as, "shame and fame", a sense of reciprocity, affiliation, and peer based reputation."

Here is another list of the sorts of things that social protocols might specify:

By formalizing rules for reciprocity, affiliation, etc, "There is also the enticing prospect of a scientifically testable basis for designing and evaluating scaleable social networks that are 'evolutionarily stable strategies' for high trust interactions. In the future, it might be possible to design social protocols that both behave the way that people 'naturally' behave, and as they 'should' behave, if they were following evolutionary stable strategies."



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