There’s a dilemma that can arise when you try to rework a page with someone.

The dilemma can be summarized in the question: “Which parts am I going to do, and which parts are you going to do?”

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“There is no question in my mind that the social dilemma that Lion describes exists.” (SamRose)

The following plays dramatize the dilemma:

📋 ✏️ 🐶 💭 rework, rework, rework, …
📋 ✏️ 🐶
📋 ✏️ 🐶
💡 🐱 💭 “Oh, a wiki page! BeBold! It’s wiki! I can do that!”
📋 ✏️ 🐱
🐶 💭 Oh, shoot… That’s not what I wanted… But, I need to be nice and kind; I’ll say…
🐶 👌 💬 Thank you, for putting that in!
🐱 😊
🐱 💬 You’re welcome, I’m just here to help. 😊
🐶 💭 Oh no! Now he’s going to do it more! 😟
🐶 ⁉️ 💬 Though, if you could, I’d prefer if you…
🐱 💭 Oh man, this sucks… 😟
🐱 💬 Oh, sure, I’d be happy to…
🐶 💭 ⛔️
🐱 💭 ⛔️

What's Going On Here?

🐶 is putting a big investment of reworking into a page.

🐱 comes along, and adds something, but it really doesn’t fit 🐶’s work flow.

🐶 can refuse 🐱, leaving a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, or 🐶 can accept 🐱’s contribution, but then 🐶’s plans are messed up, need to be redrawn, and thus 🐶 is demotivated.

This suggests that “anybody can edit anything” can motivate small investment contributions but punish large investment contributions.

This has led us to experiment with “PageMaintainers,” here on CommunityWiki.

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Did I miss something important? Is the “What’s Going On Here?” missing something important?

I’m putting in the other pages now…

This page intended to just focus on this one dilemma; I’ll put more analysis on PageMaintainerAnalysis.

I love the breakout pages. 😊 ❤

On this page, I think I’d get rid of the first “play”. One is enough, and the second one has the interesting extra layer of thoughts on top of the spoken word layer, which I like.

Thanks, Alex, for both this, and the edits to PageMaintainer!

I think there’s two more breakouts to come.

I’d love to build a whole categorized and indexed list of online SocialDilemma?s. Then, when someone ruffles my feathers, I can just yell out 112-A!

I think it might be worthwhile to insert some info (somewhere) on the benefits of social dilemmas. It’s often implied that social dilemmas are a bad thing. They can be frustrating, to be sure, but I’m convinced they often play an important role in helping clarify and enforce social norms and in personal development (e.g. emotional intelligence, tolerance, etc.). Plus, humans will be humans regardless.

Keith: Have you considered the alternative of having a block of MicroContent that you can insert using TransClusion?

I have been pondering the relative merits of being able to …

just yell out 112-A! … versus having a pre-existing MicroContent block appear “in-line”. So far, all I’ve got to show for this effort is a list of very personal ‘opinions’ that are not yet even ready to be shared.

I’d be interested in also considering others’ perspectives on this.

I tried to write this page with minimal mention of SocialDilemma?. I’ve tried not to imply that a Social Dilemma is, intrinsically, a bad thing here. (That is: I agree with your observation.)

My worry is that by putting that bit in here, then I need to balance it with still more content. Why? Because if we say it plays an important role in helping to clarify and enforce social norms, then why the hell are we going with PageMaintainer? The more social dilemmas, the better! Not true, but we’d need to balance what you just said, with… …even more text.

So, I invite you to start a page, SocialDilemma?, and even act as a PageMaintainer on it, if you like. (If you want to see this developed.)

Or, write a nice balanced paragraph, and include it in the DocumentMode here, if you like..!

But for myself, I’m content to just let this page rest as it is.

Hans - transcluded microcontent is a great idea. Choosing the right application seems important. Do you know of success stories within wiki? What’s the overlap with micro-formats (if any)? I haven’t thought too much about this space, honestly.

Lion - I agree that SocialDilemma? needs to be addressed elsewhere. I would enjoy tackling the page.

The Oddmuse blikis support TransClusion (which I have been dabbling with and have become a fan of because the transclusion spans across the component wikis). I still have a few reservations (likely just due to the fact that I have not been able to finish researching this), but I should resolve these before the end of the month.

I also use TiddlyWiki for this since its (javascript) Plugins make it a more flexible environment, but this approach will not be a “mainstream” shared wiki system until more of the backend developments that are now happening, are done.

I don’t know enough about micro-formats yet make any meaningful comments.

Hey, Alex, I made a minor edit to this page, and suddenly, the icons are messed up. Trying to figure out: what happened?

I think the problem is that markup rules have changed so much, unfortunately. — AlexSchroeder

Oh no! No more icons? Well, the emoji show up in the text area, which is nice…

But I loved our custom icons..!

They were nice buy they were hosted on a different domain and then they stopped working when I added HTTPS and I just never bothered to move them over. I still feel like there is not enough traffic to warrant the effort. 😊 – Alex

I get that! No arguments here.

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