SocialSifting uses my decisions and the decisions of like minded others to help me:

so that what I view (e.g., RecentChanges) is personalized for me.

Development of this concept is hosted at

I moved the locus of this page to IBESI but I'm not sure whether that is the right thing to do or not. I plan on working on it quite a bit there and didn't want to drown folks here. Consider the move an EfficientlyExpressedSuggestion? ;)

It feels to me like there is a great deal of overlap between CW and the techie room at IBESI. Of course CW is far more mature and has a lot more content. I'm considering what the best relationship between the site is. For now I think I'm going to implement NearLinks to CW from the IBESI techie room. Any other suggestions welcomed!

Hm… Isn't IBESI about a particular project? The goal of CommunityWiki isn't to save the middle class. (Though we aren't opposed to saving the middle class.) That's the goal of IBESI though.

I'd WikiNode the two sites to one another. Interlink from CW to IBESI. Sister it if possible. Then nearlink CW to IBESI if it turns out we collectively exercise the interlinks frequently enough.

Empower the middle class ;) Sounds like a plan. We can revisit this again if it becomes an issue.


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