SolSeed means "the body of all life."

From an EcologicalPerspective?, SolSeed means life and the complex systems that support it.

From a HolisticPerspective?, SolSeed means life and the single self that perceives through us all.

See also: the SolSeedMovement and HiveMind


I don't know anything about this, but I've been researching it.

My understanding so far:

  • a black feminist woman wrote science fiction stories, that SolSeed is based on
  • in particular, there's a humanistic religion, some poetry about it is here
  • there are ties with a group called the "Omidyar Network," which I know nothing about, and grow more confused about when I read their pages
  • SolSeed seems to be a TransHumanism
  • it also seems to be AfroFuturism?, a movement I have to admit- I know near zero about, and believe I have never personally observed, but have read about

The essential refrain of the Earthseed poetry is: "God is Change."

I think it's interesting that some Transhumanists, asked to define humanity, answer that humanity is entirely defined by change.

:) The SolSeedMovement is in alpha. Its outlines were first articulated on OmidyarDotNet. It is important to distinguish between SolSeed (the body of all life) and the SolSeedMovement (a group of people dedicated to nurturing and protecting SolSeed (the body of all life)). I recommend starting with the creed. I'd be happy to discuss it with you (although I'm not sure whether it is ontopic here??)

I can't tell you folks how excited I am for WikiVanning after getting to know Brandon a bit and talking some about SolSeed and tonight reading some of Lion's work on the HiveMind. Excellent! Wait until we get the HumanistMovement in the conversation. Then we'll really have it going on! :-)


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