In any discussion or deliberation, it is a good idea to have a way to discuss the community rules, or the rules for discussion. Such meta-discussion will invariably pop up whether or not there is a place for it; if there is not a place for it, it will annoy those uninterested in it, and frustrate those who seek change in the rules (because they end up having to say the same thing over and over again in different, unrelated threads).


MetaDiscussion? is one kind of MetaCommunication.

Cliff Lampe, a phD student who studies online community and who also happens to be friends with the SlashDot crew, studies conversation and is looking for sociological ways to assert that online communities are really communities. Ironically, one of the things he uses to argue that SlashDot is a community is the frequency of "repurposing of conversation", that is, when users start talking about something other than the current article topic within the comments of that article, including MetaDiscussion? (I think he probably gives MetaDiscussion? extra weight because it really shows that people are explicitly thinking of the space as a community, but I don't remember). This is ironic because one of the chief complaints about SlashDot is that there is no scope for MetaDiscussion? because you get modded down for doing this.


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