"SplitWiki" is the name of an older idea we've had about forming groups. It's largely been superceded by the HubAndSpokeWikis model.

The approach is basically:

  1. Wait until a wiki is "really big."
  2. Then look at what you have in your PageDatabase.
  3. Partition major portions of the database into "families."
  4. Make new wiki for each family.
  5. Transfer the pages to the target wiki.

Minor details included:

The major flaws of the SplitWiki approach:

Measuring a "Big Bang," and then partitioning the entire database- just way too much work, and much too shocking for continuity of friendships and thought. HubAndSpokeWikis gets us to our end goal just as well, without all the agony.

Arguments for Splitting a Wiki

Some of these arguments are still valid, and apply to HubAndSpokeWikis as well. We should isolate them on another page.

We can probably do so in terms of SharingDocumentsAndMessages for ThePublicWeb, and in terms of the InternetConcentration or ContentAndCommunity. We'd probably want to reference CommunityBudding? as well, as yet unwritten.



I don't know if we want to keep the "WikiStartup" and "CategoryWiki" tags; I would consider this page "archival" material.

It's really neat, observing the progress from ye olden days..!


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