Someone suggested a SpaghettiWiki, where every page is implicitly marked DeletedPage, but with a long timeout - a month perhaps. Every page dies if not modified for a month. Then, when a page is sufficiently mature, copy it to a wiki without the auto-deletion feature - one like MeatballWiki.

This is a bad idea.

A better idea is to only have one wiki, and delete unmodified pages after a month unless the very first link is to StablePage. So you make your wiki's MissionStatement stable to start with, and gradually add to this stable core over time.

For fun, set a CommunityExpectation that you can't engage in ThreadMode on a StablePage. Bit of an incentive.

You could also interact either this or the DeletedPage mirror with PageClusters by making the deletion of a cluster take out all the pages in it. (Want a spaghetti cluster? Mark just the root page deleted.) A cluster could only be deleted when the pages in it have not been updated for a long time, which has the useful effect of preserving old pages that are still part of an active discussion or brainstorm. – cp

We could use StablePage as the default page for recent changes in such a system. Newbies would then only see recent changes involving stable pages. – AlexSchroeder

I would prefer the opposite scheme (i.e. what we have been doing); delete pages which are marked as BrainstormPage? after a month. Pages that suddenly delete themselves will be a surprising/confusing feature for newcomers. – BayleShanks

Actually, it's been whenever someone got around to running the cleanup script, viz, nearer two months, but hey.

Hmm, an interesting alternative would be to rename a page instead of deleting it - for example, if nobody talks about WikiDrama, and if it's not marked as a StablePage, it becomes WikiDramaArchive? (or WikiDramaBrainstorm? ?) after a month of inactivity - WikiDrama would be erased but it's content would still be available. This could be done manually too.

I think such a system works only if you want to release a quality-checked set of pages. But for the wikis I'm on, this makes no sense. We want to document wrong ideas we've had, too, and we want to keep unfinished discussion so that we can continue them at a later date – such as this page. Generally I am happy as things are, because I recognize good pages when I read them. Thus, I don't have to delete bad pages, unless they are spam, or shallow, etc.

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