"Stop Energy" is a phrase coined by DaveWiner.

From the UserLand RFC: What is Stop Energy?:

Stop Energy is not reasoned, it never takes into account the big picture, it is the mirror image of Forward Motion. In the Stop Energy model, everyone, no matter how small their stake in a technology, has the power to veto. Nothing ever gets done, and people who want to move forward are frustrated in every attempt to move. Unfortunately, Stop Energy is the rule, not the exception.

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StopEnergy is related to BikeShedding?, in which something can't get designed, because so many people are capable of forming an opinion about something. The story is, "It's easier to design a nuclear power plant, than it is to design a bike shed, because everybody can get an idea into their head about how the bike shed is designed."

The practice of HabitualCapitulation might systematically counter StopEnergy. That is, whenever there is an idea, just accept it and run with it, after minimal exchange without confrontation.

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