If you are only interested in changes to a known list of pages or categories, you can create a link to a list of recent changes filtered by these criteria.

For pages named A, B, and C:

    My subscribed pages: A, B, C

For pages containing the terms E, F, and G (since pages in a certain category link to that category, the terms used can be the names of category pages):

    My subscribed categories: E, F, G

For both:

    My subscribed pages: A, B, C, categories: E, F, G


    My subscribed pages: AlexSchroeder,
    [[LionKimbro]], [[Foo bar]], categories: CategoryDecisionMaking

The result:

My subscribed pages: AlexSchroeder, LionKimbro, Foo bar, categories: CategoryDecisionMaking

When you copy the link above and replace action=rc with action=rss you'll get a RSS feed for your subscribed changes.

See Oddmuse:Subscribed Recent Changes.


Oh my – I'm very excited! – BayleShanks

I'm glad I found this, looks very handy…

but i find it's hard to keep track of wiki conversations you have -cross-sites- ? short of bookmarking or furlingevery single page i've ever posted to on wikis (which, for me, is very few right now, maybe 4 or 5 pages over 3 wikis)… i don't know the best way. it would be nice to be able to subscribe to pages and manage that from one place.

do you know of any tool that could help manage this? – HeatherJames

I suggest you start by writing a "My subscribed pages" statement on your homepage. This only works for Community Wiki, not cross-site!

Do you use a ChangeAggregator? These tools can take a "RSS feed" and make it easy to read. The instructions above tell you how to transform the URL for your subscribed changes into a URL that you can add to your aggregator.

(I don't use aggregators, by the way.)

Thanks, i experimented with the subscription when i posted this. alas, no it doesn't do cross-wiki.

I also found another link to MeatBall:ChangeAggregator from someone who is working on just the tool I'm looking for. ZBY, is making an Active Bookmarks tool that works with pages that don't have RSS feeds.

"It lets you register links, shows which links were updated since your last visit on them (by colouring them in red), browse other users and links, and lets you compare the list of links registered by a user with your own list." Ta-da!!

Yes, there are similar tools (I think ChrisPurcell is or was using one of them) that monitor "subscribed pages" for changes and notify you of changes.

I think it was BayleShanks, actually.

Discussion originally was on MeatBall:PersonalCategories, which spawned, which was rediscussed on MeatBall:SubscribedChanges and the various MeatBall:ChangeAggregator pages. – SunirShah


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