What it is

A SummaryBlock is a section of text that describes the rest of the text. It can be an introduction, or it can be a summary.

It can be written as a paragraph, or bullet form (BulletSummaryBlock), or perhaps some other form entirely. (Perhaps a Visual:MapOfContents.)

How it's useful

SummaryBlock on Community Wiki

There are many ways to do a SummaryBlock, but here is what we do on CommunityWiki:

LionKimbro is experimenting with the BulletSummaryBlock. ChrisPurcell is a little skeptical, and prefers plain-text paragraphs, but has nevertheless hit BSB with a list of recommendations/restrictions.

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A new experiment is present at the Jigsaw Renaissance experimental wiki:

What I did is make sections that list the key threads, whether they are “complete” or not, and the status of those threads in terms of resolution.

Here’s an example summary:

transporting pages :empty:unresolved - disagreement about when, how - consolidating vs. fresh new world
basic raport (why? how?):check:established - being ActivelyOpen?, consolidating communications, participation, …
OddMuse:Portraits_Support_Extension :check:installed

I think this could work – you only have to name the threads, and tell a little bit about where you got.

You can also see at a glance where your completions are.


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