A super-project is a project that spawns several other projects. It is a theme.

Some of the super-projects that many (but not all) CommunityWiki members are sympathetic to are:

Large Super-Projects

ProjectWhat It IsCommentary
FreeSoftwaredeveloped by a community, modification and distribution kept in public commons
FreeCulturefreely available knowledge & culture, encouraging participationbroader than FreeSoftware
OnlineOrganizing?organizing online communitiessee the HiveMind entry on “Emerging On-Line Self-Organizing: the HiveMind and the InterNet”; also: InterCommunityCooperation, LargeOrganizationsDilemma, PICA, ProjectSpaceNetwork, WikiNodes, MultilingualExperiment
OnlineTools?empowering social & individual cybernetic organismsgovernments, NGOs, companies, communies, and people like you; “Cybernetics” = study of communication and control’ systems; likely contributes to TransHumanism; includes SocialSoftware, GroupWare, but also ContentRouting

All four of these are related, but are not the same. There are FreeSoftware people who are not FreeCulture people. Lots of CyberneticEmpowerment? software is not FreeSoftware. OnlineOrganizing? can be done for groups that currently do not support FreeCulture, or even CyberneticEmpowerment?. (And so on.)

Small Super-Projects

On CommunityWiki, we have tighter focus. Judging by the CommunityWikiProgrammingProjectPriorities, members focus on particular things.

Super-ProjectWhat Is It?Who Does It?Notes
wikigeneral promotion of wiki, wiki technologyeverybody, non-tech & tech, AlexSchroeder is interested in the interplay between techonology (features) and sociology (people interacting), (EvanProdromou), HelmutLeitner, MarkDilleyCategoryWikiAgenda
“alternative” wikimutations of wikiBayleShanks, HelmutLeitnerCommunityProgrammableWiki, WikiWindow, …
MetaDatamake easier to enter, maintain, MetaDataLionKimbro, ChrisPurcell, (MurrayAltheim, FlorianFesti?)MachineCodeBlocks, WikiMetaData, WikiFormats, …
online civicsvoting & reputationBayleShanks, MattisManzel, HansWobbe, HelmutLeitner, MarkDilleyWikiVoting, WebOfTrustModeration, ReputationBudget, Mattis’ sliders, LiquidDemocracy, BeyondYes
envisioning OnlineOrganizing?building relations between communitiesLionKimbro, MattisManzel, ChristopheDucamp, DavidCary, EmileKroeger, BayleShanks, HelmutLeitner, MarkDilleyProjectSpace, InterCommunityCooperation, FracturedDemocracyProblem?, PICA, ..
WikiNodesconnecting WikiCommunityLionKimbro, MattisManzel, ChristopheDucamp, HelmutLeitner, MarkDilleyit seems to work :)
ContentRoutingways to send data to places fasterLionKimbroInkscapeToOddmuse, SocialBookmarkingToWiki, …
OneBigSoupconnecting technical mediumsLionKimbro, MarkDilleyworking to solve CommunityTiedToOneTechnology; LocalNames immediately (supported by JonathanRoes, BrianTempleton?, JulianKraus?, LionKimbro); WikiIndex & AboutUs
MultilingualExperimentworking multilingual on the page levelMattisManzel, LuigiBertuzzi, ChristopheDucamp, SylvieBourguetTranslating, translating, translating
VideoBridgeFree or cheap video conferencing and video event broadcasting, stream managment and wiki platformFranzNahrada, RupertPaier?, ErwinKeil?, RalfSchlatterbeck?, RolandAltonScheidl?, HelmutLeitnerto connect GlobalVillages and other regional centers for education and devlopment, remote learning, collaboration with universities
collaborative editorcollaborate real-timeLionKimbro, MattisManzelWikiTing

(My apologies if I missed somebody, or misplaced somebody; Please correct.)

See Also

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Of the large SuperProjects?, I believe OnlineOrganizing? and CyberneticEmpowerment? are the higher priorities. (Why?) Simply because they aren’t “taken.”

OnlineOrganizing? is still in the envisioning stage, and besides, will rely on technology that we just don’t have yet.

“CyberneticEmpowerment?” is a pretty awkward phrase.

Alternatives? InformationCommunicationTechnology? (ICT) is more conventional. But… Yrrrch..! So Long!

Maybe OnlineTools? would be better. It’s not as specific. CommunicationAndControlTools?? PlainTalk, but too long. TalkAndDoTools?? Too cryptic, I feel I can barely get away with ThinkTalkAct.

OnlineTools? seems best to me right now.

I think InformationCommunicationTechnology? is a good phrase. Or IntelligenceAugmentation?, Engelbart (I haven’t read that report, by the way).

It’s funny that I’m under “mutations of wiki”, because I once had a conversation with a friend where he was saying, yeah, wikis are cool, what I’d like though is a wiki like a blog, where only I could write to it (or something like that, i don’t remember the details). And I was saying, ok, i could look for one of those for you, i don’t know off the top of my head where i could find one because it’s not exactly a wiki if there’s no collaborative writing, it’s more of a wiki mutant. And he kept saying it wasn’t a wiki mutant, it was a wiki, confusing me. Eventually I found out that he just didn’t like the term mutant because he thought it was discriminatory against that kind of software, or something like that. So I agreed to call whatever it was a wiki.

Long tables are cool, I didn’t know they existed.

Added two, this is a nice page. It makes me feel like I should make a personal summary page on the super-projects I feel involved in, some minor super-projects that I even have no name for and that partly do touch community-wiki only on the periphery. It would be interesting to have a similar PersonalSuperProjects? page for everyone here. The table makes you be really short on it, that’s cool.

Good catches!

I like this page.

Several of the projects are different facets of what I’ve been calling “building bridges between people in different communities”. (I need a shorter, catchier phrase). Those include WikiNodes (bridges between people in different wiki), MultilingualExperiment (bridges between people who speak different languages), “envisioning OnlineOrganizing?”, etc. Note that bridge-building is very different from trying to get everyone to use one particular wiki, or getting everyone to speak one universal language. I suppose OnlineOrganizing? could also be a form of bridge-building – if we focus on helping a person find the organization that is the best fit for that person, rather than trying to focus on how to increase the size and power of a particular organization.

Perhaps “attempts to improve wiki” would sound nicer than “mutant wiki”.

PlainTalk need to go in the table somewhere.


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