We should try to integrate different tools into one. Such are by order of importance: documentation (wiki), real-time collaboration (Gobby), chat (IRC), VoIP (openwengo?), calendar software (?), developers virtual world (?)

[fr] Nous devrions essayer différents outils en un. De tels outils sont par ordre d'importance : documentation (wiki), collaboration en temps réel, (Gobby), chat (IRC), VoIP (OpenWengo?), logiciel de calendrier (?), monde virtuel des développeurs (?)


[en]The super-ting-tool is an application that unites collaborative editing and internet-telephony into one super-ting-tool.
[fr]Le super-outil de ting est une application qui unifie l'édition collaborative et la téléphonie-internet en un super outil de ting. [enMore open VoIP applications appear:
[fr]Plus d'application ouvertes de VoIP apparaissent :

[en]If they could be merged with Gobby we had a super-ting-tool.
[fr]Si elles pouvaient fusionner avec Gobby nous aurions un super-outil de ting.

[en]You can write on a document and talk to each other or in a conference call.
[fr]Vous pouvez écrire un document et parler à tout le monde ou dans une conférence téléphonique.

see also: DevelopersVirtualWorld, WikiTing


Ok, there are two dimensions

  • the short-term type of baking wiki, collab-editor and VoIP into one
  • the long term type of creating an open source and free collaborative virtual reality to meet and interact in.

For the latter I propose the name life.

A good (short term) super-ting-tool fullfills the following requirements.

  • irc connected (chat-section in gobby must be hacked into irc)
  • VoIP
  • collab-editor (with an export document to wiki-function)
  • a standalone server for all of these, permanent, always the same ip
  • all components open source free software

It would be like that: You do not install a wiki anymore, you grab a super-ting-package (or whatever better name). It contains a wiki. But it also includes an irc channel and a VoIP standalone server.

You see who's working om what page, even together, you see who can be talked to and who are talking to each other.

Mattis, yesterday night we tried a flashmeeting with MathieuCoste, OlivierZablocki and 17 vloggers. Think FlashMeeting? could be studied too to add images in our future tings. Would you be ready to join us next Friday ? FYI, you can replay our first VideoTing? here :

Definetely. I can see myself on the two minute demo they give youp, my audio seems to work too. I'm looking forward to friday.

Your video-ting-recording: the video stops after a few seconds and runs another few seconds and freezes again every time I push the forward button. There is no sound. But that's enough to understand the intention. Cool. :)

K, tried again, camera attached, reboot, it works now. Quiete a super-ting-tool, whaao!

So, we should apply for tinging reglary on flashmeeting like sundays 18:00 UTC and use [[gobby?]] and the teamspeak server along with it.

Stage is the section presented on the video. Along with it you can open up multiple text and VoIP coversations, critisizing, inmprovements, ideas… The audience. It can directly communicate with the stage.

  • All written communication will be handled on gobby, I guess.
  • flashmeeting provides audio and video for the stage.
  • All VoIP subcommunication could be handled on teamspeak

Results go to wiki, sure.

I just wrote an email to flashmeeting applying for an hour for a ting-session on sundays 18:00 UTC.

CalendarSoftware surely makes part of a super-ting-tool.

Well, I anounced 22C3wiki: lightning talks / super-ting-tool on the congress, I will have to say something. Will prepare here.

What is it?

One single and easy to install application that allows you to interact with others online. You can

I whish to remind to that this is possible and start putting it together from the different bits of it that already exist - wheather open source or not, whatever - and make it work as good as possible. What works counts for the moment. Only an opem-source-super-ting-tool is a good super-ting-tool, true. That's the idea of it and that's what we are heading for.

I'd add:

  • shared web browsing
  • white boarding (shared drawing, diagram making)
  • instant messaging (integrated Jabber)
  • chat room (w IRC or Jabber)
  • buddy list & conferencing
  • work with people who don't have the whole suite integated in

An "integrated communications platform," or something like that.

I'd call it something other than "Super Ting Tool," but, I don't know- the phrase may work. :)

Tings trying to use VoIP so far

VoIP / collab-editorGobbyMoonEditNotes
teamspeakproblems with new gobby version when testingworks, no mac participation, closed sourcepush-to-talk is advantageous
Skypenot tested yetnot tested yet~

I haven't cared enough for the tings receitly. There are obstacles.

  • The teamspeak server is always running and there is a kind of community, but the adress is not supposed to be published on a wiki-page. We make an open server maybe.
  • Gobby develops and two new versions have been incompatible to the older ones due to massive changes.

I didn't do no lighting-talk: super-ting-tool on 22C3 btw. It was strange, the moment I had registered for the talk on the 22C3-wiki most of my interest turned away from real-time and sliped over to rss connecting recent (near) changes 'n wiki-nodes and - stange again - out came the FrontPage. Super-ting-tool, aufgeschoben ist nicht aufgehoben.

You should take a look at SynchroEdit, it is still in alpha and only works with Mozilla/Firefox, but offers synchronous editing (ala MoonEdit, SubEthaEdit) inside a web page. A demo is available at that site.

It rocks! With exitement I tried on the demoserver several times, unfortunately always alone, but I left constructive comments ;) Some weeks ago I tried connecting from two boxes collab'ing but that did not work out. I wonder about the history in SynchroEdit (it's f7 on MoonEdit). A collab-editor out in the open needs an easily retrieveable history to be effective, because every idiot joining in can delete eveything at every time.

I've tried MoonEdit once - but I was not thrilled. It might be usefull for some things (like collaborative live note taking), but for discussion it is better to use standard IRC like chat. The problem is that it is not convenient to use two or more tools concurrently - one for discussion, one for note taking another one for editing the wiki. What I would like to see would be a tool unifying all of this in one interface. For example there could be tabs for each conversation and opened page, and users would be notified whenever there is some activity in any of the tabs. The tabs could be open side by side as well, all of that with the goal of having one space for the collaboration with many specialistic channels.

Agreed, Zbigniew. That's why we have conversation about a DevelopersVirtualWorld or a SuperTingTool; These tools desperately need integrating.

Gobby is a real-time collaborative document editor that has two panes- one for shared document editing, and the other for IRC-like chat. I do believe I've heard rumbling that they (or someone) is going to make the chat pane actually IRC.

Another great thing about gobby, is that it's OpenSource, and that they've made a seperate library for buffer editing. It's written in C, and should be linkable to just about anything.

I saw mention in the summary of something called "jaja," but I don't know what that is.

That was just German meaning yesyes. EnDeDictionary? - ? Making the chat part of gobby irc rightaway was finn's idea when first seeing gobby. It seems doable. I totally agree.
Wengophone made a few steps. It's an open source VoIP application. Adrien seems interested