Sysop Buddy System

If you’re a hobby server operator, if you run your own email, website, wiki, tilde, nextcloud, whatever it is, maybe not just for you but for a small circle of friends, non-commercial, ethical, small net stuff, and you’re growing older, you might be thinking about the future: who is going to handle all of this when you’re gone? In most cases, friends and family are sadly unqualified. All you have are Internet friends…

The solution must involve some sort of Sysop Buddy System. Let’s brainstorm a checklist and elaborate on the various points below, making this into something we can use!

Online Access

Something about SSH, but maybe also something on how to make sure people can only get root if you haven’t logged in for 30 days or something like that?


We need to know where to look. Something about /root/buddy/README (with and being popular options), and then linking to other stuff.

Things to remember:


On your site, on a page called … Something?


Lots of stuff still to be added, I’m sure! – Alex