Download Teamspeak. There is also an unofficial client for mac.

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Teampeak is the grandma of VoIP used by gamers for ages. It has some differences to the other telephony applications around that makes it especially interesting for us.

Push to speak. You define a button on your keyboard and the others only hear you when you push it. Like good old time citizen band. That means in a session you hear only what people decided to tell you by pushing their button and speaking. You do not hear every cough and noise. Like that the voice level can also completely vanish for a while when only writing together on a document and nobody pushes his talk-button. You can sneeze in privacy during a ting kinda. You can very easyly make subrooms and talk with certain people only without disturbing the others and you can jump between these rooms. It's funny, a step back to something similar to an analoge-tecnique of the 70iest does it. No wonder, the situation in games is similar to what it is like on tings. Voice is second level, first is the text/game. We should try it out.

It could be good not only for ting but also for wiki/our community. Teamspeak takes litte bandwidth when idleing. You can connect for the time you are working on community-wiki relevant stuff and if one of the other fellows has to ask you something the button is pushed and you hear, else there is silence.

There are negative aspects:

Here at CommunityWiki, we give high merit and preference to OpenSource software and FreeCulture in general.

TeamSpeak shows no sign of going OpenSource.

If you know of an OpenSource project that can replace TeamSpeak, please let us know about it.

Teamspeak is not full duplex. But for a short time, 1 or 2 seconds, it is. So you can insert a laugh or a short I agree or something without interrupting the line for anybody. When talking longer one of the talking persons gets cut off. It disciplines. You look at the green lamp to see when the talker releases his button when you have more to say. When it is your turn to talk you choose short terms knowing that you are blocking the line for the others.

One disadvatage of ts is the partly low sound quality. It seems to be pretty dependent on your headset/microphone-speaker setup. I use a cheap desktop microphone and the speakers in my laptop and I hear and go through clearly. Others though in the seti teamspeak team do not. Few. It gives the conversation an additional citizen band touch that is somehow sympatic in the beginning, but disturbing later on. Maybe the problematic participants can improve their settings (one of them uses two soundcards). Simultaneous downloads cause low quality sound as well. The program for me partly grabs the sound device for itself. I can not play an mp3 file simultaneously when I'm in teamspeak. Skype though runs fine in the background.
Due to its early use by gamers mainly the icon to start the program (at least in ubuntu) installs in the games folder btw.

hundfred found a solution for a problem on Linux if you can't run other sound apps simultaneously with teamspeak. s-23-wiki: listen to different applications while using teamspeak

Teamspeak's most exiting quality is its standalone server and the fact that it takes minimal bandwidth when idleing. We say good morning to each other in the welcome room when awake, sometimes some people vanish in a seperate room for gaming or discussing something. Sometimes somebody has a question or points the others to something interesting. If I can't concentrate on a text because of the talk, I turn down the volume to almost nothing and up again afterwards. Later the eveneing it starts to get a bit more lively mostly in the world of warcraft room. I hop over and listen sometimes.

Things speed up a lot when using VoIP cleverly. It takes a push-to-talk function to remove the domminance of VoIP. When nobody says anything, there is silence. Nobody hears you as long as you don't push your button. It's like not switched on, sometimes for hours. We neeed to try this and get a room going populated 24/7. No talking 24/7, but having the possibility to do so when it is appropiate.

How many users does it support? Just asked (by voice) in the world of warcraft room. They already experienced sessions with 40 users, they said. It took 23 seconds to get that info. ;)

I am still trying to understand the (not for dummies … below a certain level) information … it says one should download a client and a server …. but probably i do not need the server (it should be only for those who want to offer a teamspeak server service) … Right? I should be able to try the client download later today … :)

Right teamspeak windows client, I'll pass you the login data.


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