If there is LackOfReworking and reworking is considered important, obviously there should be more TechnicalSupportForReworking.

Existing technical support:


Social habits that might be supported technically:

Single features:

Implementation problems:

Usability problems:

Implementation - Storage

User-specific views or notes could be stored inline, in subpages or namespaces. Inline storage would not scale, so it can be ruled out. Subpages or namespaces are rather similar, because in either case “some notes” would be stored in a single page.

Implementation - Identification

Implementation - Side-by-side Layout

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Helmut: having translation pages and keeping them up-to-date looks like a similar problem having page granularity. AlainDesilet? manages this with his wiki engine beautifully, should be very important for the work of Christophe.

see also: LackOfGranularity

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