TemporaryPageCluster is the idea of making PageCluster assignments temporary. That is, page clusters would disintegrate automatically after a certain period of time.

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You should understand the basic idea of PageCluster before going far into this page.



Con: Principally, Wiki:YouAintGonnaNeedIt.

Test Period

We eventually decided to use PageCluster aggressively, right now, as if we had TemporaryPageCluster. If we find problems with "tripping" clusters in the future, and find it's a problem worth solving, we'll revisit TemporaryPageCluster.


There is good discussion that is OffTopic for this particular page.

The super discussion is "how do we lower the barrier to PageCluster use," and, "is this something we really want to do, anyway?"


Ways of implementing TemporaryPageCluster:

TemporaryPageCluster Visualization

How would (putting things in, pulling things out) of a TemporaryPageCluster appear on RecentChanges?

LionKimbro thinks:


I worry that the single-edit clustering might be troublesome. If the page is already in a cluster, and all of the sudden, there's a bunch of text in it, and nobody was notified- it's like, "WTF?!" At least, I'd be surprised.

I'd want the change to appear in both clusters, if it was assigned to one, but temporarily used in another. (PeerReview) -- LionKimbro

ChrisPurcell- I think you are right about long-developing interests, and long-term projects. However, I think I am also right. I think we are both right. There is a hidden Easter egg in here, I think. Some clusters seem to be permanent, and some seem to be temporary. Or perhaps we want something like-a-cluster, not-a-cluster. Hmm... -- LionKimbro

Is everybody happy with the reworking? Does anyone mind if I delete "Reworking Notes"?

Moving the OffTopic discussion off remains to be done. -- LionKimbro

We might work HighRoadLowRoad into this page, instead of Wiki:YouArentGonnaNeedIt. Basically, I think TemporaryPageCluster is a high road, doing things by hand a low road, and as the Meatball page points out, it's highly debatable which one is best. -- ChrisPurcell

I think y'all are right; Now that I've played with PageCluster as if it were a TemporaryPageCluster, I'm not sure that TemporaryPageCluster is really necessary.

I think the most important counter-argument is:

But, I think we should keep this page in mind, because we haven't dealt yet with switching clusters, and things like that. In a couple months, we should be in a much better position (I think) to see how that works.

I don't think it'll be a problem, but it might be.

-- LionKimbro

I'd like to note two things so far, in favor of TemporaryPageCluster:

These are by no means conclusive points.

However, the second does erode on "clusters for slow-developing interests." If the interest is slow-developing, then why does it need to belong to a cluster at all? If there is one hit a day, there is no abbreviation of RecentChanges.

-- LionKimbro

I agree with the observation. But I think you could draw different conclusions:

  1. In these two cases, there is no need for a page cluster in the first place. Let us uncluster the pages again.
  2. Alternatively, the page cluster saves us some time thinking about what a given page is about. It acts like a category tag, and instead of saying "please note that page X changed" it says "if you are interested in Z, please note that at least one relevant page changed". RecentChanges is not smaller but easier to read.

I'm not sure what conclusion to draw, yet. -- AlexSchroeder

Having the RC for ExperimentalTechnology all in one place is quite convenient, since we need to refactor all these pages periodically. -- ChrisPurcell

I do think it's neat that, on the way to the page "TemporaryPageCluster," I also get a flash review of the discussion around this page. However, it's not really the temporal arrangement that interests me so much. For example, if it were a raw spacial arrangement of titles, I'd be extatic, and feel no loss.

I agree that it is still too early to draw conclusions. I wouldn't want to de-cluster these pages, by what I was just saying. -- LionKimbro

Raw spatial arrangements are hard to do usefully, I assert. Certainly, if we want to replace simple temporal sorting, we would need to think hard about a more useful alternative. -- ChrisPurcell


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