TheChannel is an instance of TheMedium used for a particular community.

Sometimes, like with television or IRC, a channel is actually called a channel. Other times, it's called a site, a publication, a world. Some examples:

TheMedium: wiki TheChannel: CommunityWiki

TheMedium: UseNet TheChannel: news:alt.religion.kibology

TheMedium: IRC TheChannel: #wiki on

TheMedium: television TheChannel: Channel 57

TheMedium: slashy-scoopy-thingy TheChannel: Kuro5hin

TheMedium: Blog TheChannel: BoingBoing

The channel and the community

TheMedium sets a lot of parameters for a community. However, there's choices in TheChannel that have probably more effects than the medium. What options are enabled for TheChannel?



Like with TheMedium, I wanted to reify this idea. It's really just a starter; improvement most welcome.

I like it!

Let me describe something I can't figure out how to say outright.

In the OneBigSoup IntComm:Eventsystem (IntComm😀ingDing), I originally used "channels." You sent events to a channel, and others could subscribe to channels.

But then I realized this was more restrictive than I wanted to be. I wanted to just post events, and then let subscribers perform queries over the events, and then receive what they were interested in.

So, for example, someone may request, "Forward me all of Evan's activities." Someone else may request, "Forward me all wiki activities."

Some events fit both queries, some fit one or the other, and some fit one.

So, the concept of the "Channel" I feel is still there- we're picking out an individual stream from TheMedium of the event system.

But I guess you could say that the channel space is N-dimensional, or something.


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