The Future of Man, by TeilhardDeChardin.

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I (LionKimbro) include here particular references to some key ideas in the book:


In working to resolve TheIndividual and TheCollective in the face of globalization, Teilhard came up with three principles that a charter could conform to.

Chapter 12: Some Reflections on the Rights of Man

There is structure here, so here’s a table to elucidate:

absolute duty development of the individual personality
relative right the society places the individual in circumstances as favorable as possible to his personal development
absolute right the individual not to be shaped by external coercion, but rather, to reshape by internal motions

Speaking on the third, he wrote:

Whatever measures may be adopted to this end, there is one major principle which must be affirmed and always upheld: in no circumstances, and for no reason, must the forces of collectivity compel the individual to deform or falsify himself (by accepting as true what he sees to be false, for example, which is to lie to himself). Every limitation imposed on the autonomy of the element by the power of the group must, if it is to be justified, operate only in conformity with the free internal structure of the element. Otherwise a fundamental disharmony will arise in the very heart of the collective human organism.

As for intellectually resolving the individual & the collective:

…It is not in isolation (as we might have supposed) but only in appropriate association with his fellows that the individual can hope to attain to the fullness of his personality, his energies, his power of action and his consciousness, more especially since we do not become completely ‘reflective’ (that is to say, ‘men’) except by being reflected in each other. Collectivization and individualization (in the sense of personality, not of social autonomy) are thus not opposed principles. …

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I don’t know if it’s legal or not, but I just found the complete text of The Future of Man online, and I’m glad for it, since I’ve thoroughly marked up and annotated my personal version. Finally, I can actually show what I’m citing..!

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