this page is way too big

This is a good problem to have. Someone cares enough to send the very best. And lots of it.

Each wiki-page is a sort of a seed-leaf. The first question is: what to do, if a page becomes too large?

For a newbie stuck in discussion, when a page gets too long perhaps they should be encouraged to ‘leave the nest’. The final chapter of their Bildungsroman might be to literally deconstruct the page, self-select the important ideas and objectives, and plant them as seeds elsewhere in the wiki, create a NewPage, or perhaps to create a new community all together.

See Also: ReworkingProblems, ThreadMode, WikiBudding, BigBucketsFirst, Wiki:DontMakePartTwo SentenceToPageToSectionToWiki

The simplest solution is to make an archive that looks like:




I love it, DavidCary.


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