Hi Thomas, nice to have you around. cu soon.

Since I do not find better places to ask:

Welcome to CommunityWiki.

On other wiki, there is a seperate “search titles” vs “search all the text”. But this wiki only has “search all the text”. One work-around is to grab the list of “all pages”. Then you can use the “find in this page” in your browser to search just the titles.

Check out the SiteMap – it has links to “all pages” as well as the Wiki Forum. Um… but nevermind the Forum. It has apparently been replaced by the Blog.

> Which page is a ChatPlace to ask questions not connected to a special page ?

If you have ephemeral comments, you can add a new DatePage.

We should probably also create a FrequentlyAskedQuestions page.



Define external redirect: ChatPlace


The same page elsewhere: