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We usually contrast thread mode with DocumentMode. In document mode, we write an article or essay, and other people rework the text, adding new information and discussion of contentious points where appropriate. In thread mode, however, we just add our own opinion at the end of the page, and other people in turn do the same.

Contributions in thread mode are usually signed, and often differs in font slant (italic or normal) or indentation from the preceding comment.

See TurnBasedVsInterruptedThreadMode for more on various forms of thread mode.

Generally we prefer document mode, but experience has shown that it is very hard to keep reworking documents. Some form of threaded comments will always be there. Which is why CommunityWiki tries hard to make reading and writing thread mode easier.

Some might say that this will actually discourage people from reworking pages, since we will “attract” more thread mode. Our current view is that thread mode is unavoidable, so why make it harder, and we also think that reworking is hard anyway – see ReworkingProblems – and while we’re not helping to solve the problem, we feel we’re not exacerbating it.

ReworkingThreadMess This will grow into an actual section and if need be, a page of it’s own. For now, some links: AttackTheDocumentMode, BulletSummaryBlock, ConsolidateInformation, DiscussionBoardVsWiki, WikiBasedDecisionMaking, EssayAndDiscussion, ReworkingEconomy, MeatBall:CategoryReworking (such as ReplaceWithDocument, ReplaceWithSkeleton, etc., etc.,.) One of the most relevant is MeatBall:ReworkingThreadMess


Any rework in DocumentMode will be basesed on a former ThreadMode. First people talk to oneanother, then they come to conclusions and agreements. It should be all treated in the sense of achieving SupraLeitung?. – MattisManzel

The idea that ThreadMode can be reworked into Document mode and thus names and faces and attributions for specific comments all go away is to me a very important one that needs to be stated somewhere. And I’m not sure where. I’ll do it if someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks!

How about on UsingWiki or WelcomeVisitors? WelcomeVisitors is linked from SiteMap and UsingWiki is linked from WelcomeVisitors.

(assuming you meant that you wanted to make this fact clear to newcomers – or do you mean that you want to have a discussion about it?)

Thanks Bayle. I’ve made some changes on both UsingWiki and WelcomeVisitors, no need to have a discussion about this unless I’m misunderstanding CommunityWiki.

Or start a page on how to ChangeThreadModeToDocumentMode??? – MarkDilley

The only thing stopping me from starting that ChangeThreadModeToDocumentMode? page is

1. That name might get LostInObscurity? (and this is newbie business). Unfortunately, I’m really struggling with a better page name.

2. Trying to piece together the 8,497 discussions about this that have already taken place.

Seems like it should be in the WelcomeVisitors, as BayleShanks suggests above. Also, It would be neat to create a digram (which I have no problem doing) that gives some kind of visualization of Thread to Document refactoring, plus a good description targetted towards new users.



Define external redirect: ChangeThreadModeToDocumentMode LostInObscurity SupraLeitung

EditNearLinks: DocumentMode ReplaceWithSkeleton ReplaceWithDocument ReworkingProblems


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