Earlier tings are on the ting-wiki

On 2005-10-23, sunday, 18:00 UTC we had ting45.

We used Gobby and teamspeak.


ip for this gobby session



What is "Index Phrase Extraction"?



lion thoughts:

mattis notes

Thanks to pSycoRe of the s23 seti folks for the wiki/ting room on their teamspeak server (the ip and pw are not published on wiki, you find them on the gobby life-document or we tell you in #onebigsoup before the ting).

teamspeak with push to talk disciplines. You wait til the person is ready and the lamp shuts off, then you push your button and talk.

We did what humans do when they can write and have (half duplex) audio contact, we talked and took notes (Lion took notes). Urgen and lion discussed, I made a comment here and now showing that I'm following, already deeply content of having successfully prepared this first voice-ting when it started. Urgen has a calm way to speak that is very pleasant to follow. Half way through Bayle joined in. We tinged for an hour or two (rather two). Good ting, as usual.

What happens in TeamSpeak when two people talk at once? Do they overlay or does only one get through?

For example, a few times last Ting I pushed the button when I chuckled while someone else was talking. Did that cut them off, or was it OK?

see TeamSpeak, and thanks for creating that page btw.

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