Ting-wiki is a subwiki on s23-wiki to archive and rework the results of tings, real-time live-sessions of simultaneos collaborative textwork using moon-edit.

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Comment on the old version of this page: This is the original idea for a node-wiki, like I later made node-wiki-for-university-wikis for example. The node idea wasn't quite born in my head yet and the idea behind ting was still a different one. Gotta fix this.

old text from 2004-06-18 21:02 UTC

There is WikiTing. Maybe a TingWiki for all Wiki and their Tings to come together and talk would a be a good idea? As this will not happen in two days you could start with some kind of "extended, exterioriated WikiNode", just one, two pages to represent the wiki, to tell the others what's the idea of it + keeping them up to date what important things have happened. A good developing structure where the different wiki could kind of classify themselves by putting (and maybe moving around) their page(s) would be important for TingWiki.

Talking to each other will come slowly. Representation of different wiki should be first. Reading that will be pretty interesting already.

I guess this is a a bit the BlogControlledByWiki idea: just instead of a blog you take a single wikipage for the respective wiki on an allover common TingWiki.

Ting has these northern european origins, that might confuse people. A gruesome proposal: This is a wiki for wiki, which is the compslangish abreviation for wikiwiki. Consequently it should be called wikiwikiwiki. g'n8 (8 = acht in German. Nacht = night)