TitleLink is an approach to hyper-linking that AutoLinks? every defined ‘Title’.

Every Title is defined by a local or remote URL.

A local URL is a page stored on your personal machine (or maybe on a VC host) that you have full control over.

A remote URL is stored as your personal Title->URL mapping or by importing the mappings (definitions) of others.

TitleLink could be used on the server side in nearly any kind of Web application such as a Blog, Bug Tracker, Discussion Forum, Bulletin Board, Email List, Newsgroup, and of course a Wiki.

But TitleLink might be better implemented as a browser extension adding links to ANY or ALL documents you view according to your personal definitions plus those of many internet databases (such as Wikipedia) you subscribe to. Then, as you are browsing the web, you can active TitleLink to ease learning that subject.

Creating and Managing Titles

A Title is created by defining any symbol, word or phrase.

The definitions are stored as one of:

#1. The name of a local page (whether a file or a DB entry).

#2. An entry in your personal Title2URL.map file.

##2a. An entry in an external map file such as Title2URL.Wikipedia.org.map

#3. If ‘LinkImplicitURL?’ option is ON, then text that appears to be a web addr such as: CommunityWiki.org will link without the need for http://

Implementation Ideas

Example Title2URL.map


The following are meant to list Titles that won’t usually appear, or that are considered harmful.


Under construction… – PatrickAnderson


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