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Chère xtof. Every translated page needs This page started as a translation of link: original page in the first line (not only the link, else it turns a cluster) and every page that has been translated need This page was translated to link: translated page, what you think?

Salut Mattis. Neat idea to be described in PageTranslation and TraductionPage. Given that number[1], I'd be happy to get some help. Think it has to be tested in the future. We'll see how it works for InterCommunityCooperation. Your suggestion for french to english pages

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Mattis, ChrisPurcell on MeatBall:PageTranslation suggested for the french pages very few words. Think it works. What's your opinion ?

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Even if I'm not sure to be able to AttackTheDocumentMode on PageTranslation. I'll AttackTheDocumentMode on this page later.