[en]The technical meaning of "Gateway" is: a hardware or software set-up that translates between two dissimilar protocols
[fr]La signification technique d'une "Passerelle" est : un matériel ou un logiciel à installer, permettant la translation entre deux protocoles différents.

[en]The meaning of Translation Gateway this page might address should be more "social" than "technical"; a meaning where "Gateway" stands for an entrance that can be (… or has been … ) closed by a gate; see Gateway definitions
[fr]La signification "Passerelle de Translation" sur cette page devrait être plus "sociale", que "technique" , une signification dans laquelle la "Passerelle" représenterait une entrée qui peut être (… ou a peut-être été…) fermée par une porte ; voir les définitions pour "Passerelle"

[en]An example of "social concern", driving the use of the word "gateway", may be found in this document about Interpersonal Communication, i.e.: Attentiveness is the gateway to empathy..
[fr]Un exemple d'utilisation du terme "passerelle", concernant l'"aspect social",peut être trouvé dans ce document à propos de la Communication Interpersonnelle , c'est à dire : l'Attention est la passerelle vers l'empathie.

[en]Empathy, i humbly :) believe, was a never reported quality of the User Support role in IT "based" environments such as CERN (where the Web was invented long after my working experiences in its premises were over) …. I wonder now if "empathy" is what needs to be "enabled" … for "interoperabilty/collaboration" to be achieved … in an IT "based" environment … in order to decouple (provider related) digital language/behaviour from (user related) analogic language/behaviour … and achieve "peer" communication among the cultures invoved …
… mamma mia …!! :(
[fr]Je crois humblement que l'empathie, n'a jamais été mentionnée comme qualité pour le rôle d'assistance aux utilisateurs dans les environnements basés sur les technologies de l'information comme au CERN (où le Web a été inventé longtemps après que mes expériences professionnelles dans ses lieux soient terminées)…. Je me demande maintenant si l' "empathie" ; est ce qui permettra … de réaliser "l'interoperabilté/collaboration" … dans les environnements basées sur les technologies de l'information … afin de découpler le language/comportement numérique (fournisseur) du language/comportement analogique (utilisateur)… et réaliser la "parité" dans la communication entre les cultures impliquées…
… mamma mia …!! :(

Thinking aloud (for adoption/translation "cum grano salis")

BTW - no reply … so far … to my attempts (A and B) to get in touch with the author of A Manifesto for Collaborative Tools … not much empathy in the devolpers' camp … for … (isolated) … prospective users … i'm afraid .. :( :( …have i been behaving in some wacky way ??

Moving/Changing one's behaviour from an "I" centered to a "WE" centered motivation aint easy, right Evan ?

To imagine an example of Wiki demo - after extracting some wisdom from the latest open talk in

Now, what is the presently available CommonSense (common waitings and uses, i.e.: the infoculture) we may expect to find in a Large Organization (see LargeOrganizationsDilemma) ?

What new rules (i.e. infostructure) and/or "acceptable/undertood behaviours" could we demo and propose, in order for Large Organizations to start perceiving (becoming aware of) "a relational machine" ..? OR should we say: how could we make them see a user interface which stems from a relational reality … before taking shape from a technical reality ?

How can we influence a CommonSense change which allows an infrastructure to evolve from the above two … rather than the other way around ..?

In WikiAsYouLearn the idea is dawning that it might mean making metacommunication transparent …
in other words - for instance - if somebody's CommonSense is disrupted by what described in the above "infoculture" > "infostructure" > "infrastructure" sequence … that somebody might react saying that "it sounds" like building a house roof before its basement ….
can this observation help ??


Maybe somebody can have this perception because he makes reference to the specificity of the physical environment but in our case we are in a data space free about gravitation :-) . It' is a manner to say what I know about "reality" is just a projection in which I believe so I have my own free will to make and accept other kind of projections. Maybe we can say we are working on an "object" which belong to anybody but shared by who wants to. An object on which we decide to project our own rules/perception of reality, a way to focus on a same object even if this object not reveales the same thing for everybody, but the issue is that everybody is in interaction with others through the shared object. So at the same time, each individual projection alters the "object" and is altered by the "object", it's a system of reflection. It's a way to use objects as gateway for relationship, … so the object might be a house …. – sylvie

Each individual projection alters the "object" and is altered by the "object" - that sounds very much like StigMergy to me.

Thank you Mattis - it sounds almost too good to be true ….
for the sake of how this page might evolve i have noted … at the end of this Stigmergic systems history…. :
This 'proof of concept' example (The SEO project) commenced in October 2003, but it immediately ran into the problem of trying to get the idea across to people who were unfamiliar with any of the concepts involved. The world of "search engine optimization specialists" is populated by pragmatists who are tring to beat each other in a zero sum game and theoretical approaches seem totally out of place. Explanations of agent technology, evolutionary strategies and stigmergy left them cold.

Several attempts were made to dumb the application down by using metaphors to mask the underlying theory, but this dumbing down also masked the advantages of using a biological approach to information processing. The dumbed down versions simply looked like database applications that had been dressed up to look important.

These failures changed the nature of the SEO project, from one of trying to provide a working example to one of creating an example that would enable people to to grasp the essential essence of biological system thinking.

yes it looks like very much StigMergy :-) and I've learn also a new french word today " éthologie " : study about human and animals behaviours .........sylvie

the meaning of the word stigmergy comes from stigma + ergon; maybe the wiki name should be StigmErgy?
by the way - the Blogalization webmaster has a translation in progress re: WikiMonde …. an example of HiveMind (or InterMind) motivated InterAction? … ???

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