A malcontent has snuck into a community and established a base. Perhaps the malcontent is a troll, deliberately trying to cause trouble. Perhaps the malcontent is a useful contributor having problems adjusting to CommunityExpectations. The CommunityDoesNotAgree. If not dealt with somehow, the malcontent threatens to tear the community apart.

Therefore, apply a temporary CommunityExile on the malcontent of 24 hours.

The community may still disagree over whether the temporary exile should have been applied, but that decision is in the past, and is made irrelevant by events, and will therefore rapidly die off. For free, the temporary exile gives emotions time to cool, on all sides.

But, there must be a BenevolentDictator or a similar authority who can take decisive action to set a temporary exile. There must be a CommunityExpectation that such temporary exiles are to be respected, and that creating SockPuppets to get around the exile is unacceptable. This in turn requires that the temporary exile be the result of FairProcess.

Beware, that the price you pay for uniting the community may be the creation of a monster. Beware that if you got into this mess once, you may get into it again, so try to identify the roots of the conflict. Beware that the need to uphold the CommunityExpectation that the exiling process must be respected voids the opportunity to ForgiveAndForget.

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