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Down in the side-bar of the world-democracy-wiki (and the Welt-Demokratie-wiki) you see an inclusion of tweets hashtagged #democracy. Maybe such could be useful for other wikis?

I’ve been scanning the wikis I started wondering where a twitter-account could somehow make sense. There aren’t that many.

Generally city-wikis are a clear candidate for a twitter-account, I’d say. People could post local information or impressions from their mobile phones à la “Road works on Franklin Street finally finished. Great!”, “The most beautiful in our zoo are the owls”, … I have started the Agordino-wiki, the Melbourne-odd-wiki, the Stuttgart-wiki, Sylt-wiki and Venezia-wiki in the odd-wiki-hive but html isn’t enabled in this hive, so no.

The Bundesliga-wiki for the German soccers league - clearly a candidate. Wild tweeting during a match from dozens of mobile phones.

The word-of-the-day-wiki - Hear a cool word on the bus when people are talking? Type @WotD on your mobile twitter. Collecting proposals for the word of the day kinda. Three twitter accounts: English, German, Italian.

The jokes-wiki might make use of a twitter account for mobile short jokes. Back on the desk you’ve already forgotten the joke anyways.

Finally the wiki-Woodstock - if ever reawakening - needs a twitter account, sure.

The twitter-king widget for netvibes like on netvibes: world-democracy has the option to display anything except for the replies only - and exactly these are needed. I already contacted the author.

Another application using the replies only is twitterstat. “This user has a lock on his Twitter account. Some or all updates may be hidden. They are counted though.” I restricted the WorldDemocracy twitter account to friends only too. The more hidden its few utterings are the better. WorldDemocracy is not supposed to be a “talking twitterer”. I write to it using my personal account mattis if I need to. It’s just a SockPuppet.

I’d like to experiment a bit. Shall we make the @CommunityWiki account on twitter and try to give write access to the “core” or maybe better the shadow of it? ;) Alex, Lion, Christophe and so on … Talk to the public for the community-wiki? Maybe commonly prepare tweets to be sent next day? Put twitter2wiki into the sidebar? Ourselves for all to read and some exquisite neighbors maybe? Just an idea, I mean.

Here’s something I’m wondering about … my RecentChanges from ThoughtStorms are available as RSS, but would it make sense to hook them directly up to Twitter? – PhilJones (Still unable to figure out how to sign CommunityWiki with an avatar.)

Generally I’m annoyed by twits that pipe their blog feeds into twitter. I’m usually subscribed to both, and suddenly the twitter feed carries 80% duplicate information. I don’t like that at all.

True. They are two things and should not be mixed up. Twitter is more that rapid eye movement thing I once imagined as EyeOfHal (now RecentChangesReaders). Blogs are like “faces” just a blog is one person and a wiki’s face is a community. Mixing these up is mixing up seconds and days.

Only twits beginning @CommunityWiki should be part of the feed. Twitter2Wiki’d be most useful for local stuff sent from a mobile phone I guess. Doesn’t apply to us. But the easy way of “well, that could interest the community-wiki folks”, twitter, @CommunityWiki, paste link, enter - without having to even enter the actual wiki but still being sure the message arrives - maybe it’s useful?

Reading about TwitterFone and Jott. This augments the likelihood that twitter2wiki is useful.

I’ve been experimenting with another “real-timeish” service today: sixgroups. Such get more and more important, I guess It includes the secondary-feed from the world-democracy-wiki, cool.

Don’t forget about the test-ting on sunday 15th of june 18:00 UTC

A collateral question : would it be useful to use twitter as an input stream for an initial wiki contribution ? something like the WikiStacking discussion. or is this use too specific for a classic twitter user ?

I think your idea would be nice but twitter is limitted to 140 characters so it may be a very small contribution.

Mattis, I really like your idea of Twitter2Wiki. “@CommunityWiki” a way to address a whole community, and a way for a whole community to have a twitter presence. And then a way, not just to dump the whole rss of recent changes, but to program a filter to parse the feed for some kind of tag or signifier “<@twitter>: message here</@twitter>” that is part of wiki pages, and to then to post this through twitter’s api or something similar to twitter.

OddMuse and MoinMoin could be a couple of interesting testing grounds for Wiki2Twitter and Twitter2Wiki.

Didn’t dare to mention wiki2twitter but true, that’s the consequently evolving part that makes it interesting. A short versions of a new “face” contribution of a wiki community as a common tweet I imagine. Rather once a week something informative than every three hours: Ah, it’s raining again … Twitter is still widely misunderstood. Must have been similar with Morse in the beginning ;)

And if an idea is good 140 characters are plenty to start a discussion about it.

I am one of these new twitter users. I still do not get it about twitter (I am a newbie) but I am fascinated by all the buzz around it.

Hm, we’re about an inch or less from being able to embrace the big beautiful lady and open her bra … ;)

I wondered about how to get twitter livelihood over to wiki and how to get condensed and well thought wiki-wisdom into lively twitter recently.

Today I learned about friendfeed rooms - you post to them by sending a tweet with the hashtag of the room’s name, e.a. #democracy - and I created two rooms: friendfeed room: democracy and friendfeed room: wikinet. These put out a feed. This feed includes into Confluence - as you see here - but not yet into our beloved Oddmuse :( - as you (don’t) see here. One or less than one inch.

The other way around, a twitter account for a wiki and commonly agreeing on some lines for our WikiTweet? including a link to the face where you can read more once a week or so is easy.

Correction, you do not need a friendfeed room. It is enough for a hashtag to be mentioned in a tweet (it seems) and it is listed on all tags which supplies feeds that include fine into Oddmuse: All these tags supply feeds that could be included into a wiki sidebar or into a separate local wiki-page. All you need to create a new “room” is to mention the #hashtag in a tweet once. A pretty amazing pool, lots to experiments to find out what makes sense and what not, I guess. Anyhow.

I included the feeds for what I thought were related hashtags into the sidebar of the

People hashtagging do not know that their tweets appear in a wiki. I introduced the inclusion in every room I included though. Let’s see.

In addition AlexandreDulaunoy (on twitter btw) pointed me to the Irishpulse which is a planetplanet of Irish twitter users. It uses the PulseSource software. Interesting. Lot’s of experiments nessecary as I said.

This “stream-of-conciousness-feed” thing is interesting.


@SamRose, <twitter>text</twitter> sounds good. I still think speaking as a community, under the name of a community - like CommunityWiki -, using a community icon is essential. Not member 1, then again member2 and so on posting in the name of the community. That means a real twitter account for the wiki - someone sacrifies an email account - and the password is circled around among the trustable core members to share on the publishing job, kinda: “Til tomorrow 09:00 UTC refine this community wiki face-tweet, then I’ll send it”. To me it seems that could work on a smaller wiki-level.

Tings of wiki communities could finish with commonly formulating a WikiTweet?. [[Ting2Twitter?]] - one of the twelve on collab-editor-wiki: archive 2008-06-22.

More Twitter2Wiki:

I got a TwitterFone? invitation code today and tried on a voice-tweet. No idea how to indicate a hash #. After saying “hash tag” it created brackets instead of a # and misunderstood WikiNet for “looking at”. A beginnig at least. If I knew how to hashtag in TwitterFone I could voice-post into wiki sidebars.

my first voice-tweet via TwitterFone

Hm, I sent a mail to help AT Thinking about it the (brackets) is the max they can do actually. A # would make wiki sidebars drown in spam I fear. Not sure but pretty likely.

Probably the inclusion into the sidebar is a bit too penetrant. A nice twitter2wiki icon opening a page with the inclusion might be an alternative. But as tweets do not show up in the recent changes the sidebar might as well be the right place however.

Not having the tweets bold and only once instead of double would diminish the pentetrance substantially already. I’ve no idea why they are bold and doubled.

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