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Participants who have no administrator rights can propose entries to UnbannedContent here. Every entry here will be noticed, discussed and decided on. Another place to speak up on this wiki and be listened to is the WikiTing.

Add proposals here:


Administrators, would you please add a link on this page on BannedContent.

About the name ForgivenContent?. That sounds as if there was a guilt that was forgiven for. There is no guilt. We ban content to keep our workshop in good running condition, that’s all. There is no judgement in whatsoever way implied in our ban of an entry. We are temporarily not interested in the link, it hinders us more than it helps us right now. Every entry can be removed within short time from BannedContent. This would be better I think.

And there should be a polite and open special page to propose links to unban. And a clear early link to it on BannedContent. Putting it in BannedContentDiscussion is half-hearted. Think a little on the big scale, please. Trolls

I preferred the page BannedContentDiscussion because we should call things what they are – calling it “unbanned content proposal” smells a bit like Newspeak (Orwell)… The bot also uses that page name as username, so RecentChanges would automatically link to it. I guess I will keep that page around to discuss the technology behind it. I changed ForgivenContent?UnbannedContent. BannedContent links to UnbannedContent, which links to this page.

Ok the newspeak aspect was out of my amplitude in english. The stiff titles are especially anoying when not a mothertongue speaker. EntbannungVorschl?�?ge, stimmt scho’. The space and the explamation for a proposal right on top of BannedContentDiscussion, I’ll do that later. Sorry for the fuzz. It’s important to do that right. It’s our face to the world of evil (to the evil part of our world to be exact, we only have one). Give it a smile ;)

I wonder what WikiSpamBusters? is going to become like.

moved content from here to Trolls 04-07-12

I first thought its a joke, but goxogle really seems to be on the list. – MattisManzel

I suggest that the regular expression “google\.com” be removed from the list. Do you really intend to ban all links to Google? – RichardParker?

http://mitglied.lcos.de/terrahome/foaf.rdf (with lycos instead of lcos) on my namepage here is blocked


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