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Add Hans Wobbe to the Member List

Proposal 2007-09-20: HansWobbe joins the CommunityWikiAssembly upon the passage of this proposal.

HansWobbe, I’d just add you, but:

Sorry about triggering all of this. I had not realized all of the complexities involved. – HansWobbe

Heh; I’m so glad that you did!LionKimbro

A Proposal passes when both of the following conditions obtain:
    • The Proposal has been standing for enough time, AND ((the number of Yes votes) divided by People Who Voted) meets the relevant threshold. Alternately, there can be a “rush vote”: if the proposal has enough Yes votes such that the Yes votes divided by the total number of all Assembly Members exceeds the relevant threshold, then the proposal passes immediately.
    • At least sqrt(total number of all Assembly Members) Yes votes were cast. Proxy votes are included in this count.

So the requirements are:

    • “meets the relevant threshold” – for adding members, it’s “the same process as that specified for Amending the Bylaws” and “a vote of 90% is needed to pass an Amendment,” so that makes: a 90% threshold. Since “if the number of votes is lower than some threshold by a fractional amount, that is not enough,” and we have fewer than 10 people, we need ALL YES VOTES amongst those voting.
    • We don’t need every CommunityWikiAssembly to vote.
  • 2 months.
    • A proposed Amendment must normally stand for at least 2 months before being passed.
    • If we want to rush vote, we require the entire CommunityWikiAssembly to vote, because we’d have to meet 90% of the entire assembly, and that means we can’t spare a single vote.
  • 3 yes votes minimum.
    • We require sqrt(7) = 3 members to vote Yes. There are no proxies right now.

Currently active CommunityWikiAssembly members include: AlexSchroeder, DavidCary, LionKimbro, MattisManzel, and SamRose.

So, this should be easy.

I’m putting this in “UnofficialLegislativeProposals,” because- … I’m not sure what the wording of the amendment should be, really, or if I’m even following proper procedure.

I put “joins” rather than “is in,” since should Hans ever resign, there won’t be this weird conflict-of-facts in the bylaws.

Is it fine as written? Does anyone want to transfer to OfficialLegislativeProposals? Be sure to fill the date out, when you put it in there. That way, we know when two months have passed.

We can speed this up by making a reunion out of this, and sending out emails.

I’d vote him in. If we get all seven members to vote him in, that will speed things up.

I’m excited. This is the first time the process is actually being used.

Do you think the amendment text is right? I don’t think we can take it out, if we don’t like it, and we’re setting precedent.

I’m going to call up Bayle…

I don’t think the wording matters because we’re not really amending the bylaws. We’re just extending the member list, which happens to use the same process. (“The list of Assembly Members can be changed by the same process as that specified for Amending the Bylaws.”)

Makes sense to me! I’m ready to move it into OfficialLegislativeProposals, then.