Lifetime on a Wiki comes in a spectrum. At one end is the WikiNow, things that last until people change them. At the other end is ephemeral one-shot stuff, meta-data, there for the current community, not posterity. In the middle is an emerging idea: unstable meta-data, that lasts a fixed time, unless someone resets the timer with a page edit. (See also DelayAction.)

Some examples:

Such information is no longer a part of the WikiNow, and solely for the benefit of the active community, but it is not totally transient, supporting a less active user than a RecentChangesJunkie (fully transient data) or a newcomer (the WikiNow). The question of how long is a good unstable period should be answered on a case-by-case basis.

Any more ideas for where this could be applied?

These are very interesting ideas. I feel that DatePages such as 2004-09-30 seem related. Rather than have old stuff vanish after some programmer-determined time (1 day, 1 week, whatever), perhaps it would be interesting to embed a "shred date" in the title like a DatePage, so users could select exactly how long the page they just created would last (some users would pick a date just a few days in the future, others might pick a year or so in the future).

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