It is frequently the case that there is a connection in our minds that we cannot articulate.

Here it is, for the individual, and the society.


You have an idea. You know you have an idea. You just can't figure out what it is. You had it, it was right there, but it's slipped past you. The symbol no longer appears in your mind. You work on something else for 3 minutes, and then bam, it hits you again, and you have it.


You know of something. Something for which there are no words. You can describe it to people, but there are no words for it yet. (Perhaps it is something new.) You need to find other people with the idea as well.

UnvoicedConnection, and Search Technique

The UnvoicedConnection is part of the reason why we have things like the OpenDirectoryProject, in addition to Google. Sometimes you want something, and words are just failing you.

But most of our recepticles for discovering an UnvoicedConnection are based on CategoryBins, which have their own problems.

That leads us to things like the ProjectSpaceNetwork: SpatialArrangment? of ideas in space.


This is something that we've talked around for a while, I figured it was time for a page on it.

It was reactivated for me recently, because SebPaquet and I were talking about it at the recent NW bloggers conference. Seb's written a paper on the subject, detailing a system for locating partners when you have a social UnvoicedConnection.

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