Various tools exist to promote user interaction on the web. 1

  1. WebFan – threads are arranged as trees originating from a common center and fanning out as replies.
  2. PeopleGarden – flower represent users, length of stem is how long the user has been an active participant, petals encode information about the kind of conversations the user was involved with.
  3. Babble – using social proxies (?)
  4. ChatCircles – chat visualization simulating proximity of users and emphasizing the now by having older messages fade away.
  5. BulB – return to PeopleGarden metaphor, but use one flower per thread and encode user participation in the petals and along the stem.

Is there a generic tool that feeds on a RSS feed, puts the various entries on a timeline, and groups them according to some proximity measure? Color bands for topics and brightness for "hot spots" would be nice.

   |                          peace
   |                               peace
   |                      peace  peace
   |    war                   peace
   |            travel
   |               games
   |                                peace
   |          war
   |   war
   |      war
   +------------------------------------- topics

Other techniques that seem intended to promote user interaction on the web:



This page is old, and may have lost some relevance. (Or, alternatively, may be about to gain it..!)

I wanted to mention, though: On Technorati, they use word size to indicate activity. I've seen the technique used elsewhere; Just forget where. has a very similar-looking word-sizing display. – DavidCary

VisualContentChanges ? What's that supposed to mean ? Perhaps there's a better title we could move this article to. DavidCary 2005-05-17 19:41 UTC

Lists using variably-sized words to indicate tag popularity are known as tag clouds. There are other less-intrusive designs for tag clouds possible: variations in font weight, text color, etc. (WikiFeatures:FadingText?)

I agree with DavidCary; I don't understand what "VisualContentChanges" is supposed to mean in this context.

I'm guessing that the author (probably BayleShanks, I'm guessing,) wanted to talk about "things like RecentChanges, in the abstract."

We should probably:

I seems to me that TagClouds? is apart of what Bayle is talking about. Different ways to interact with the information. Some discussion at [wiki4all]


1. Mohamed, R., Ferguson, J. D. , Mac Cormick, A. and Elsweiler, D., “Developing Bulletin Board Visulaisations”, Proceedings of the IADIS International Conference on Web Based Communities 2004, pp. 11-18. PDF

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