new: 2021-01-06 18:07 UTCLionKimbro:

I just got off the Zoom call with WardCunningham – I could only check in for like 5 minutes.

He was very sweet; And there were about 6 or 7 people in the call.

I promised to attend next week; I could only be there for 5 minutes because I have a meeting coming right up for work.

Ward says that there are two weeklies:

  • One that is more general – the one I was at (Wednesday, 10a Pacific)
  • One that is more about getting the technicals working; Getting the technicals up to speed.

Also, he thinks a third will be needed:

  • One that would be about site hosting, keeping sites running.

He also mentioned that he had talked with SunirShah recently, and was looking into getting MeatballWiki back.

new: 2021-01-06 18:26 UTCTimurIsmagilov:

Oh, I’ve forgotten to come there again. Seems like Ward’s got quite a community!

Seeing MeatballWiki back would be great also.

I just despammed the site and I believe I fixed the gateway timeouts that prevented edits. It’s nice to see that CommunityWiki has kept the flame lit all these years. Good on you all for doing that! – SunirShah

new: 2021-03-23 14:48 UTCAlex Schroeder: Happy to see us all still around! 😄

See Also

  • Federated Wiki FAQ Page – says that they meet on Wednesdays at 10a Pacific, and – they actually do. I find this surprising because the last posted minutes from their live meetings is dated 2014, which was 7 years ago today (2021-01-06).

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