The need for tools to help organize ideas goes beyond wiki.

If anybody says to you, "We need special tools for organizing pages in wiki," you can safely say:

For example:

Further: Organizing ideas is hard and complicated work, period. Just on it's own. You have to noodle around a lot of decisions in your head.

We can tell some things about the tools:

Organizing ideas is a great way of MakingUsWiser.



I need to go, prematurely, but, there were things I wanted to add:

  • "We can consider tools that already exist to help us organize our things."
  • Link to how I organize my ideas; The spatial technique I used in my notebook system.
  • Mind mapping software.
  • SebPaquet issued a good challenge: A URL link organizer.
  • I understand MurrayAltheim has some work going on, organizing references.
  • Refactoringbrowsers are worth mentioning, for programmers.
  • I believe that if we can make a general (re)organizing tool, we might be able to hook it up to wiki pages, and issue diffs that can be performed, reverted, and redesigned.

What about the Leo Outline Editor http://webpages.charter.net/edreamleo/front.html

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