This page is for collecting and refining short (2 paragraphs or less) introductions to what a wiki is.

A wiki is a set of web pages that anyone can edit.

Wikis are communally editable websites, where every word on every page can be modified by each and every person. They are consequently highly collaborative spaces, where no content is explicitly controlled by any one person.

A Wiki is a selfgrowing heap of web pages linked to oneanother and outwards. These can be created, in any way worked on and even be deleted by whom so ever. Nothing gets lost though as a wiki automatically archivates itself. It is a highly collaborative space, where no content is explicitly controlled by any one person.

A wiki is a type of website in which all of the members of a community can edit the content of the pages. So, the site’s readers are also the site’s authors and editors.

A wiki is an electronic whiteboard. Just like the whiteboard in the hallway of your workplace, each person with access to the board can not only read it, but they can also add something or change what someone else wrote.

Wiki: Glue between communication systems.


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