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Wiki Hive Data

There has been little methodological attention to large scale wiki growth. What place does wiki have in the evolution of consciousness and cognition?

Assuming a community consists of experienced editors, does the wiki hive organize interpersonal consciousness more efficiently than any prior human invention?

– JJLevy 2006-05-18 21:47 UTC

Little attention that I have personally seen. Edit or ConsolidateInformation if necessary.

Wiki is a MultiPattern. It can do a lot of things, solve a lot of totally different problems in different contexts. Therefore “what is wiki” is not answerable consistently.

The question “large scale growth … evolution of consciousness” is scientifically unsound because it assumes a connection and gives an answer to question not sufficiently researched.

The wiki experience is that consciousness evolves and phenomena of resonance can be experienced by individuals. So the question is not primarily “large scale” but “can we prove these phenomena in a normal scale”. Or: “what would you expect?” or “what would you accept as a proof for ‘evolved consciousness’?”

good questions! wiki is indeed the best place to deal with that stuff . think, WikiFolks and CommunityWikiBank are interesting .

MultiPattern and SystemTheory can help analyze human interactions with many systems, but is there data we can refer to analyzing wiki in particular? Does WikiCulture provide the type of information the community could use to compare wiki to other systems with scientific verifiability? What kind of analytical software could be used to create an image of wiki patterns and growth? Has this data been mapped, and to what extent?

Valid questions. ProWiki has five years of log and history data of 100+ projects of large variety. So there is enough data to dig into.

On the other hand I do not see the handle to get a grip on “consciousness”. It hard to measure something that is hardly defined. And “growth” is a pretty uninteresting phenomenon. Most of these systems grow, in a way, when you do bean counting. But what about the quality of content or reflection - if we assume that we still seek “consciousness”?

perhaps we can take wikipedia as an example . but wiki is more than wikipedia . in wiki you can do all what you can do elsewhere (if datas are not mapped, you can make a page to do so) . but wiki is free . that’s the difference . so we must learn to act free but common . that’s what you call interpersonal conciousness (a very good translation of our word hivemind) . we can do that only in a free and open wiki, i think . so it’s more efficiently than any prior human invention .

Maybe we have to answer WhatIsConsciousness

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