An AnnotationWiki implementation for Mozilla. For each web page you visit, it displays a corresponding web page in a sidebar.


I’ve started testing this a bit, if only to compare it to DiiGo, but I’m not yet sure that I’m sufficiently interested to make any notes. If anyone else is still interested, I will make an effort to do so. Comments are more than welcome.

Is anyone using this? I am starting to use it with some SocialSoftware experiments. It is actually somewhat useful for non-wiki sites (same for Peekko Chat)

I did a year ago or so but didn’t undertand. Just tried again and still do not really. Something like peekko but a wiki. There is a lot of spam and the version history can only be stepped through, which is annoying when despaming something.

Having such for collab-editor and for VoIP as well would mean you could make a full size global party on whatever web-site. This possibility attracts me somehow.

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