“A simple concise glossary of wiki terms for the new wiki user.” – the front page


My hope is that the WikLossary will become the place people use for wiki LinkLanguage.

My biggest fear is that wiki language will end up all weird. I’m not a big fan of Wiklossary:McGuffin, and stuff like that. (No offense intended to DavidCary.)

But then again, perhaps it won’t work- neither NearLink nor LocalNames has gotten very far yet, in terms of adoption.

Further, the sites contents aren’t exactly TrustedLinkLanguage. Without regular maintenance, and transparent policy, I don’t think people would use it, even if they could.

But how about going at it another way.

Make the site descriptive (describing how terms are found, described out in “the wild”), and then make a perscriptive HyperText on the side.

Someone could maintain it like EricRaymond maintains the JargonFile. Or there could be some WikiProcess for maintaining an authoritative ManagedWiki. This frees Wiklossary to be communal.

WikiGlossaire ou GlossaireWiki


“Un simple glossaire concis des termes wiki pour les nouveaux utilisateurs wiki.” – la page d’accueil


Comme pour Lion, mon espoir est que le GlossaireWiki puisse devenir le lieu que les personnes utiliseront pour la [CraoWiki😀eLaSupercherieWiki novlangue ], le LangageLien wiki.

Ma plus grande crainte est que le langage wiki prend des tournures de novlangue. Pour le moment le site, malgré la présence de l’AcadémieWiki, ce site ne fonctionne pas en français. Aussi comment le relancer ?

Faire que le site soit descriptif (décrivant comment sont trouvés les termes, décrits dans la “jungle”) et puis produire une perspective HyperTexte sur le côté. Quelqu’un pourrait le maintenir comme EricRaymond maintient le FichierJargon? et l’AcadémieWiki des glossaires plus complexe de l’anglais vers le français et inversement.

Ou il pourrait y avoir quelque ProcessusWiki pour maintenir un WikiOrganisé de référence. Ceci permettait au GlossaireWiki d’être communal.

The WikLossary seems to be heavily spammed. I tried to revert the spam, but the wiki is locked. With the spam in it. Any idea on who to contact?

Update: Unlocked it (should it be possible to unlock a wiki without being an admin?) and removed all the spam I could find. But can’t lock it back.

There are various locks in Oddmuse. One of them is used whenever somebody saves a change. If the script crashes, you can remove these locks after a while by using the “Unlock Wiki” link. These are independent of passwords. Then there’s the option to lock a page, and the option to lock the entire site. These locks are placed by the admin, and can only be removed by the admin.

I’m assuming you removed the former and none of the later locks.

Any way to crash it back to spam-protected state? ;)

You may want to contact HeatherJames; She’s the maintainer for the project. Tell her “Hi” for us, while you’re at it, if you do.

No, Radomir, not unless you know the admin password… Perhaps somebody else knows?


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