Happy birthday to the divine mindchild of Ward, which is now 14 years old.

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Copied from LionKimbro. Suggestion: Next Birthday congratulations on top. Otherwise they may easily be missed.

MattisManzel’s birthday wishes triggered an avalanche of them.

An idea to track a wiki’s birth date and congratulate the community on birthdays. (?)

Hmm. Very interesting reaction of the community. Intense. The lion with the tart, now on the top, actually drove tears to my eyes when Radomir had placed it, I admit. Very interesting.

I remember having (mis)placed a birthday congratulation to meatball-wiki somewhere when it turned four. A wiki-Methusalem ;) Honestly: societies - ours included (talking wikilandia) - are kept together by rituals. Things like christmas or (once upon a time) sunday-church and such. Ever since Neandertal-societies and earlier. Rhythm. Repetitive common action.

I wonder if birthday-rituals wouldn’t be a good idea for wiki-ohana. Maybe on wiki-index we can make up a nice calendar of wiki-birthdays and everybody takes a little time here and now for congratulation, for da ohana’s sake, kinda.

Make wiki-birthday-tings for wikis the night before maybe and place them on their talk 00:00 of the respective birthday, hehe.

I like the idea of noting the birth-day of a wiki. :)

Made some center-wikis on hives recently and just received this mail:

Congratulations! Your Wetpaint site is a week old!

Hi Mattis,

Thanks again for starting wiki-center-wetpaint. We hope the first stages of building your site are going well. Here are some tips to make it go even better.

Thanks again for choosing Wetpaint, and we wish your Wetpaint site many happy birthdays to come!

The Wetpaint Crew

P.S. To visit your Wetpaint site, click

adress, Seattle, WA


Basically clever, there is an unsubscribe link too so no real annoyance. Birthday is good. A week maybe a bit early but taking a look on newly founded wikis but after a while to see how it’s going and probably help is cool.

Does anyone know the birthday for wiki? maybe we can start there?

Good idea, sorry for the usual exaggeration. We organized online a pretty nice global flashmob Nr. 1 in 2004 in auguration of the first flashmob. actualy. 300 people had gathered in a store in NY to commonly buy a big rug then, I think. When’s wikis birthday? In ‘95, but what day? Wa-ard!

Next birthday wiki will turn 12 years old. Funny, now - for the first time - that I imagine wiki as a person, a person turning 12 years old, a child (that wiki is, actually), she seems female to me.




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