WikiBlogging (new approach, Nov. 2006) is a method to take a snapshot of a complete wikipage in its HTML format and forward it to a BlogService.


Currently the author has not yet found such a practise in the blogosphere, but he would be happy to WikiWeave with similar minds there (2006/11/13). – FridemarPache


About a month ago, I’ve started to copy source from some wiki pages, and post them to blogs that I write for. This tries to bring blog readers into wiki to communities. Example:

actually did this 1 day before you wrote this page! :) Looks like we were thinking along the same lines. I think it’s an interesting way to try and pull people from the blogosphere into wikis. – SamRose

Also, due to spam attacks on Meatball, recommend/suggest maybe creating an OddWiki instance for WikiBlogging, and creating NearLinks or InterWiki links to Meatball from that. This can take some of the pressure off of Meatball, but still allow Meatball to be a source/resource for WikiBlogging. Plus, OddWiki and OddMuse is set up to be a blog itself. – SamRose

Welcome Sam, it’s great to hear from you, that we are realizing the same idea of WikiBlogging. Best thing is, that the more people are in resonance with this idea, the more efficicient it will be. We need wikis with

Otherwise there are not the right incentives for “really good people” in the BlogoSphere to collaborate via wikis. These bloggers must feel to be discriminated to have it forbidden (by the spamfilter) or the wiki administrator, if they don’t know the current spam situation here in the wiki. Currently I am finishing my Midi Kb program, that makes a Midi keyboard as a replacement for a PC keyboard. I intend to publish it (as freeware in source) to the AutoHotKey and KeyKit community, thus extending the topics for WikiBlogging. – FridemarPache

ThisWikiPageBlogsTo: (please leave this WikiPragma on bottom of the page, because it is active, thank you.)


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