This page is a vision and design for a budding process for wiki.

It is inspired by general discussion on PageCluster and the HubAndSpokeWikis.


The beginning.

It starts with people talking on one wiki. The members of the wiki find themselves talking about some topic, putting ideas together, and making something. They are engaging in a WeldingProcess.


At some point, some of the members of the wiki community take up the ideas being talked about with a particular passion. They find that they are crowding RecentChanges, and that their work needs a seperate space of some sort.


You could say that this group is starting a WeldingProcess amidst the main group.

But! It’s not yet time for a totally different space!

We propose that a budding group form a PageCluster.

Seperated, but Close.

After a certain point, the budding group may take on a life of it’s own. Visitors from the outside world, finding the wiki by searching google (InternetConcentration, ContentAndCommunity), or some other means, find the activity, and join in on the effort. They’re not part of the original, parent community. Many members of the seperate group are part of the parent group, though, and there are good feelings between the two wiki.

(not quite done yet:)

One example of WikiBudding makes me smile. On the original wiki, some people started discussing biological plant cells – Wiki:AboutCells. Then someone who thought that was a bit off-topic created an entire wiki about the subject -- the Plant Development Wiki. So here we see a wiki about plants metaphorically acting like a plant and budding off.


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