One of the ideas that came out of RoCoCoCamp in May 2007 in Montreal was the wiki clock. It’s a clock that runs on wiki technology: .

It’s a fun an interesting project to make human beings do something that computers can do trivially. It may be a good reductio ad absurdum for people who think wiki is the best technology for everything.


I started the wiki clock in about 3 minutes before a session on the advantages and pitfalls of using wiki with other technologies. I amused myself so much that I put the page on TwiTter? ( and it got picked up by a few bloggers. The wiki clock is really the last recourse for bored wiki people; it always needs to be updated.

Although there is place only for one wikiclock, a wikiweather site might be fun too ;)

I was thinking about doing a WikiCalculator?, actually. Like, each page would be a simple arithmetic expression (“10 + 37”), and the content would be the answer.

This might be more useful than it seems – especially with problems that are not easily solvable in automated ways, like calculationing integrals.


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