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What is the goal of this experiment ?

It's mainly meant to be a way to have constructive debate on wiki. One of the problems of wiki is that it's not very good at supporting debate (See WikiForDebate and DoubleWiki for related stuff). It's often hard to trace who said what at what time. Things get confused when debates cross several pages, or when some parts get erased. Also, debate spans a big mess of text in ThreadMode that can be a pain to refactor.

WikiDrama is an attempt at a solution (as was DoubleWiki, but this doesn't require special technology, and may work in much more diverse conditions).

The idea is not to have people directly debate, but to use DramaCharacters. For example, when arguing about operating systems, you can have three characters representing, say, windows, unix and mac users. And the "real" users collaboratively build a dialogue about operating systems, while trying to keep things as short, on-topic and witty as possible (And that's just a possible way of doing things).

The kind of consensus reached can be analog to the WikiPedia's NeutralPointOfView. The writers may not all agree with each other, but they can agree that their views are expressed in a satisfying way in the final result. in fact, Wikipedia articles on controversial subjects oftenget away eith things like "The Taiwanese independance party claims that … ", "Some western scholars also believe that …", etc.

So you don't have discussion between persons, but archetypes - it's easier to follow and ego clash doesn't get in the way.

This could also be compared to The Simpsons (or, for that matter, a lot of comics or TV shows), in which you have a fixed set of characters designed to represent the whole spectrum of american society - so that for any position, there will be an existing character that would be ready to represent it. It does not matter that the characters are stereotypes and lack depht - that's why it works so well ! This could be seen as collective script writing (a script for a comic, for a TV show, etc.). What on bulletin boards provoques flame wars may be carefully channeled to build witty dialogue and a form of consensus !

Of course, the other advantage of this system is that it's fun ! :) (Though it does tend to make pages look like The Muppet Show)

(I tend to be quite excited about this idea ^^ – EmileKroeger)

Examples :

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Meta Dialogue

Hey, how about making some kind of comic strip on a wiki, than anybody can come over and edit !

Keep things simple, man. You can already do something like that with existing CommunityWiki technology.

Dammit, I wanted to program some cool interface.

Nobody would use it. Just do a SpikeSolution, and see what it looks like.

But would it fit in CommunityWiki ? A bit off-topic, no ?

Well, it could be a way of representing discussions.

Doesn't the existing system already do that ?

But in this case it's not real users speaking. Which means that the discussion is more DocumentMode than ThreadMode. And that's a big difference, because anybody can pass by and modify any part of the discussion !

Why not directly refactor it into DocumentMode ?

It's also a possibility. WikiDrama (or DramaMode? ? DialogueMode? ? TheaterMode? ?) can be an intermediate step. It can also be a way of keeping worthwhile discussions. It can be a clearer things of presenting some information (Like, a FAQ). And, well, it can be fun to write :)

we had something like that back on the real wiki, we called it Wiki:DialecticMode

Yeah, I guess it's the same idea, but not pushed as far. So, what does everybody think of this ?

I think it's great !

Thanks, but that doesn't count, 'cause it's the same "real" user asking and answering.

I think the names are a bit silly. It looks like some children's book. You'd need some real DramaticIdentities. I mean, "SimpleSimon" ? Come on !

Hey ! You just do us a favour and go look in a mirror !

HiveMind, GodKing or WikiGnome would be cool identities.

Yeah, but a HiveMind's not easy to draw :) GodKing and WikiGnome would be easier, but don't have much to do with this conversation. SimpleSimon could be plainTalk or PlainTalkPersona? or something, I don't want to pollute the rest of the namespace.

Woohoo ! We have pictures !

Bah, doesn't look great. Lotsa wasted space. And seing so many happy smiley faces is sorta creepy.

Hé I'm the european EtoileDeGrange. Should we translate WikiDrama in LangueFrançaise ?

Goddamit, what is this ?! My line got took by CeeTwo !

Oh, get over it. One of the advantages of this system is that you can refactor conversations any way you want. That includes reattributing who says what.


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