There’s a bunch of work going on with MicroFormats.

I think we’re making a subset of that here, with our MachineCodeBlocks.

This subset is a meta-data format that relies on 3 things:

Since all wiki support these three things, any MicroFormat made with them should be usable on any wiki.

VCARD as a WikiFormat

So, for example, if you wanted to support vCARD, you would just say:

VCARD (any key) (any value) VCARD

Alternatively, when specifying a URL for a value, you could use lines of the form:

(any key) any link

…and the link target of the URL (not the link text!) is the value.

Weakness: Values that we don't want to link.

There is a weakness: If you want to use text that the WikiEngine auto-links, you’re up a creek.

Perhaps the solution is to say: If linked text is italic, use the text. If it’s not italic, use the linked URL.

WikiNode as a WikiFormat


neighbor MeatballWiki:WikiNode

neighbor OneBigSoup:WikiNode



Lists, Headers, Definitions, Plain Text...

Are lists ubiquitous to all wiki? Lists are a really useful abstraction.

Headers don’t seem like a good idea; They’re not supported by WardsWiki, at the very least.

Surprisingly, WardsWiki supports definition lists. Definitions lists are hash tables.

Plain text could possibly be a good tool as well, but- it seems to me like there’s too much danger of it being cut up and presented in strange ways, whereas bold or italic text tends to come in little discrete units that are not messed up by the wiki. But, perhaps this is just bogus? Or, perhaps we should consider plain text in series, rather than “plain text that has anything inside of it” as an atomic unit.

MachineCodeBlocks or WikiFormats?

I’m not sure if we should have a unified key-value system, like the MachineCodeBlocks, or a lot of very-similar-but-different WikiFormats.

Perhaps just saying, “ordered lists of bold text, italic text, and links” is all the order we need for our platform.


The same WIKINODE information could be given in WikiVirtualData list form:

the advantage is, that it is much simpler to parse.


Should I move the page contents “WikiFormat?” It’ll work in plural and singular forms then, right?


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