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A wiki hive is a site where you can make a new wiki for whatever purpose in seconds, without a log-in and without being asked further questions. Click! A new wiki. That’s a wiki hive.

If you have to log in, ok, that’s not perfect, but it’s still a wiki hive (almost).

OddWiki is a real wiki-hive.

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An idea is a poly wiki-hive. You go to the page, and “What wiki-engine do you want to create your new wiki on?”, it asks you. You choose, click and have a new wiki. The different softwares are all on one server. MattisManzel will try to get such a server.

For the beginning there is no remarkeably big traffic to be expected and the costs will be limited and not problem. On the long run the hive should become fiancially autonomous. Therefore there should be a page or even a (sub)wiki listing all expenses and all incoming money (in the form of donations) from the very beginning on. Monetary issues of the hive should be all transparent. People know that such a project has costs, compareably low costs, and they are willing to take their part of it.

Surely the hive will try to establish community ties within the different wiki communites. A central wiki for the hive to organize it, inform about the policy, discuss about where the policy is still unclear, link to first examples, etc is essential.

The project has the spirit of no leader. The community owns and controlls it. MattisManzel who came up with it and pays the 15 EUR per month for the server for the first time until financial autonomy is established has in no way anything more to decide than anybody else who contributes to the project. A wiki is owned by these who use it. So is a wiki-hive.

Peaceful cooexistance is the goal. Those who write or progamm for wiki are all pulling on one string: free and open content. We are too clever, too wise to waste our energy on fighting each other. We’re far too busy in building a network.

The hive should be pretty open to technical innovation and experimentation. People knowing about technical stuff have a voice on the hive. People from different wiki-engines help each other to make the whole thing work. Competition may be fun sometimes, sportsmanship desireable. We do it the wiki way.

Main is being open for new wikis. Somebody comes along thinking to make a wiki for xyz. The person is free to make an xyz-wiki on all engines, try them out and decide for one. The wiki gets better, when people can choose. Many engines is diversity and that’s an advantage. We’re all pulling on one string anyhow.

Decisive responsible developers should be given all necessary acces to install the different software on the server. I’m personaly thinking about AlexSchroeder, ThomasWaldmann and mutante for the very moment.

The idea for it came to me yesterday, so forgive me when it’s not too precise and still pathetic. It is no concurence to existing similar projects like wikicities. The hive and other hives should get connected where can be, wiki-nodes and all the stuff to come, node-wiki-for-wiki-hives. Again, one string. What to do different as for now is that we offer multiple engines and the wiki-on-a-click-‘n-try-it-out-on-different-engines-if-you-feel-like.

wiki-hive, poly-wiki-hive?




In March I had already been thinking about a mediawiki-hive on s-23-wiki: s23-wiki-hive. Anyhow. Many technical questions. What server to get? What extraordinary feature must such a server have to allow many different engines to run on it in hive-mode?

A homepage should be manualy synchronized and should exist on all engines.

Trying on such a home page:

Welcome to the multi-engine-wiki-hive

A wiki is a website editable by everybody. One well-known wiki is wikipedia but there are thousands of other wikis. You can start your own wiki here for free. For whatever purpose.

There is different software in use for wiki. The software is called the wiki-engine. You can try out different wiki-engines here for your idea.
This homepage exists on each of the wiki-engines available on this wiki-hive. Take a look at them.

  • [[Homepage_on_Mediawiki?]]
  • [[Homepage_on_Moin?]]
  • [[Homepage_on_OddMuse?]]

Now experiment and choose the wiki-engine you prefer.

Name of your wiki: (type)


Which engine do you want your wiki to run on? (choose)

Click [[here?]] to create your new wiki.

Neulich in irc

ThomasWaldmann: naja, du kennst ja meine meinung zu toten wikis
mattis: tot - Zustand vor der Zeugung und nach dem Tode.
ThomasWaldmann: genau, und bei klickwikis liegen da manchmal nur wenig stunden, tage, wochen dazwischen
mattis: 200 MB tote wikis alle 14 Tage löschen, c’mon.
mattis: und ‘ne Liste mit 85% Totem, who cares?
mattis: recent changes der wikis, die in den letzten 14 Tagen edits hatten, fertig ist die Laube.
ThomasWaldmann: ok, sag mir doch einfach ein löschkriterium fuer tote wikis.
mattis: Vorher ‘ne Liste machen, die werden gelöscht: Jemand was einzuwenden, und jeder setzt seine Kandidaten rauf, oder kreuzt an, besser.
mattis: dynamische Löschkriterien. :)
ThomasWaldmann: ok, wann kommt ein wiki auf die liste und wann wird es wirklich geloescht?
mattis: alle werden gelistet, man kreuzt an, dann isses auf der Liste. Runter kommts, wenn alle einverstanden sind und ankreuzen: Ok, diese werden gelöscht. Auf kleiner Ebene könnte das funktionieren, bis man besser skalierende Modelle gefunden hat. Dies zu tun, daran gehört frühzeitig erinnert.
ThomasWaldmann: hmm, bin noch nicht ueberzeugt :)
(ThomasWaldmann: das ist ungefähr so wie die entsorgungspolitik fuer atommuell :)
mattis: yo, :) Ich fürchte besser isses nich. “Wir haben da die Bennstäbe hoch und runterfahren lassen”

The hive-wiki is a wiki for preparing the multi-engine wiki-hive. I’ve blikified it now.

And included the hive list. Took a while.

It occurs to me that the lists, combined recent changes, and other affordnaces you are trying to construct are one part of what many people are trying to do right now in terms of LinkingOpenData, and what some are calling “MicroBlogging?” etc, which is really MicroContribution.


The next challenge is how to make content more partable, re-uasbale, “callable” and merge-able between sites, tools, instances, etc. We have part of the answer when it comes to text-based content already (HattaWiki? is an example). So, it almost seems like it will be a matter of time until others figure this out. The next step is how to request parts of others text and content within your content. (see: TransClusion )

It seems to me that Sam’s suggestions are echoing some of the content that is also associated with our MicroContent thoughts. Perhaps its time to try to refactor some of this material and spawn some updated pages?

Hans, you are totally right. A lot of my thinking on this is inspired by your MicroContent experiments. Let’s do as you suggest. I will work on this some tomorrow.


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