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The Patterns of a WikiHive

In a recent discussion with MattisManzel on OBM Wiki Hive, we chatted about WikiHiveStructure:

First of all, this is my working generic definition of a “WikiHive” on

A WikiHive is

  1. A set of loosely-to-closely connected wikis that usually all reside on one webserver.
  2. A space that allows instant wiki creation. (See: ObmWikiCenterEn:CreateANewObmWiki? for more info).
  3. Usually based around WikiNet principles, using NearLinks, InterWiki links, SisterSites (see the bottom of any page for the same page on other sites), and other InterCommunity? tools. This helps create and coordinate a KnowledgeCommons? based on TrustedLinkLanguage, and a KnowledgeCollective? of people who share similar interests.

How Patterns Are Created

Patterns are not “created” so much as they emerge from (human) activity. While “structure” possibly implies a predetermined “routing” of activity.

Predetermined prescriptions for providing collaborative and CollectiveProblemSolving tools could be a mistake. There could be many possible WikiHivePatterns, beyond those detailed on this page. A newly founded Wiki or WikiHive might be used in a unique way, and see a completely new pattern or set of patterns, but may very well borrow many elements of patterns from existing WikiHives?, and existing wikis.

It is generally better to ReleaseEarlyReleaseOften,(or, better yet Wiki:ReleaseEasyReleaseOften) and let Patterns emerge from real world use.

Does this mean that organizing Patterns for SocialSoftware usage is a Free-for-all? No. It means that the people who use the tools, and the unique problems that they are trying to solve become part of the process of designing the way they use them.

Emerging Patterns


MattisManzel and AlexSchroeder, LionKimbro, ChristopheDucamp, MarkDilley, DavidCary, HansWobbe, KeithHopper, and many participants on the OddWiki hive worked out one of the first useful WikiHivePatterns in the OddWiki hive, which MattisManzel has been refining into the WikiCarburator model.

There are many purposes to OddWiki hive, but one main purpose is to be a MotherWiki host to pretty much all reasonable comers. So, this is a non-topical arrangement, and it’s not so important if there is much or any coordination or collaboration among participants.

TheoryBuilding/PilotProject Hive Pattern

OBM WikiHive has a bit of a different Pattern as detailed in this Transcluded page below: