Talking about MarkupStandardPlanB, some people started thinking about an interchange format again. Should the MeatBall:WikiMarkupStandard serve as a MeatBall:WikiInterchangeFormat?



Moin has had an XML export for a while, now.


Selected snippets to illustrate paragraphs, unordered lists, InterLinks and ordinary page links:

          <pagelink pagename="HelpForDevelopers">HelpForDevelopers</pagelink>
          - the rules that govern MoinMoin development 
      <interwiki pagename="WikiClone" wiki="Wiki">WikiClone</interwiki>


I would also like to request an encoding for objects that are not part of the default format, though-

 || table || header ||
 || a || 1 ||
 || b || 2 ||
 || c || 3 ||

Something like that.

Then, if the target can figure it out, Yay.

If not, it can just either say, "There's something here I don't understand," or it can just ignore it.

Without a way of escaping mark-up characters, the standard isn't as expressive as simple plain text :/

I don't understand this point.

If I actually want to write ''something looking italic, but not'' without the quotemarks vanishing, how do I do that with the scheme above?

You don't, of course. But that doesn't coun't as "less expressive". Imagine a similar request: "I want an empty line without it being a new paragraph. Impossible!" Yes, but not important.

A new paragraph is an empty line, expressed in HTML, but italic tags are not quote marks: the analogy fails. If we want to use the standard for interchange, we must accept that double-triple-quote mark-up is not standard, and there must be a way of avoiding it, like substituting in HTML entities for quotes. However, I suspect the misapprehension here is mine: interchange wasn't mentioned above :/ Ah, well.

Yeah, I mistook it for interchange. :)

It's very similar:

  • strategy is similar ("we don't agree on everything, lets see what we can agree on")
  • interwiki syntax and document exchange is near identical (suppose we had a perfect interwiki syntax agreement: then document exchange is trivial- the divergence is just machine writing vs. human writing)


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