Personality attributes of wiki lovers and wiki haters

What are the characteristics of people who like wiki, vs. people who dislike wiki? Or, what are the carictature types of people who love wiki, vs. types of people who dislike wiki?

Wiki lovers


Wiki haters

Other words
Complementary/making fun of ways of describing the above types:



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Wikis ... I just think they're ahead of their time ... That and the fact that people won't really /want/ to change the content of a site that isn't theirs, because that's a bit like trespassing. -- Carl
Is this a good place to mention it ? Or is there a better wiki page to move this ? A wiki page that discusses why people (incorrectly) feel that they shouldn't edit a wiki page, and what to write on the wiki to correct/encourage those people ? )


yes, wherever we do it, i'd definitely like to discuss it because i feel that way still, a lot. for example, i think this should go onto a new page, but i don't really know what to call it. FearOfEditing?