A proposal for running a MailingList from a Wiki. I assume no BuiltinThreading? on the Wiki. Aims:

  1. Use the Wiki as a message store without overwriting existing content
  2. Allow Wiki users to communicate with those on the MailingList
  3. Allow reworking of old emails without disrupting the MailingList

To allow these:

A mailing list indicates interest, so PageClusters are used to group topics:

Problems with this scheme:



I have no idea if this combination of ideas is new or not, but thought it worth getting out of my head and on Wiki just in case...

[new] Do you mean like WikiForum --> w2? Ward did this maybe 5 years ago. -- SunirShah


Quite possibly. That page doesn't contain any details of the scheme, and the link is dead.

[new] Another example is MetaBaby, but to a lesser extent. Anyway, it doesn't work very well. -- SunirShah

[new] What goes wrong? --ChrisPurcell

[new] It's a mailing list. There is no perceived commons, and therefore no maintenance of common space. If you want to have a wiki, use a wiki, and forego the mailing list. Jon's articles explains what's dumb about mailing lists. [1] -- SunirShah

Your [ new ] tag thing is broken. --ss


I'd thought we'd written this idea up in WikiFeatures, but I guess not. You should write it up- this is a good idea.

No, WikiFeatures:MailedUpdates? ain't it. We need WikiFeatures:PerPageMailingList?, or something like that.


Ka-Ping Yee's "nosy list" idea (from Jon's article) could be added to this: grab extra e-mail addresses from the cc-list of replies and sign them up to a cluster.

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